How to Analyze the Portfolio of App Development Companies?

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You are convinced of the unmatched benefits that outsourcing the development of your ambitious mobile app would bring. So the actual journey commences here. And the best way to get a head start is to shortlist the best app development companies you can reach out to and afford to partner with. Now here’s the catch: Like any other industry, the software outsourcing space is cluttered with countless vendors of all sizes and abilities. To identify the one that best fits your requirements and budget, you must comb through the portfolios of the shortlisted companies and use your discretion to zero in on one. The following tips would give you an insightful image of the company that would are likely to partner with.

Does the portfolio mention projects that closely resemble yours?

Just possessing the resources and some experience don’t suffice in the competitive market that’s characterized by jaw-dropping customer demands. A thumb rule to work with a worthy partner is to ensure that it has handled apps in the past similar to the one that you plan to build. The functionalities, the technology used, the project plan and implementation, and the frameworks used should top your list of questions. Also, check their contingency plans and the methodologies they use to meet deadlines and budgets.

How many clients has it served?

If the vendor has worked with clients in the same industry as yours, it would be familiar with the potential pitfalls and the evolving dynamics of the industry. Working with someone who already knows the tricks of the trade would make the engagement a delightful one for you. Do check if their previous projects were challenging enough and if their capabilities were truly tested? Read the case studies on their website and try to gauge their hold over your line of business. Amass information on their work quality and check if they follow the industry best practices and follow regulatory compliance mandates.

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Check its infrastructure and capabilities

An unflinching resolve to serve and a dedicated & focused team are important but they alone can’t justify your trust in any firm. It has to be financially sound, possess suitable infrastructure, and employ the best talents to carry out the job successfully. Carefully investigate their portfolio to find out if they have served enough businesses of at least your firm’s size in the past. It’s not that start-ups and bootstrap app development companies aren’t trustworthy but the size and financial health do matter.

Try to assess their honesty

Does the firm only brag about its achievements and how it rose over the horizon as the savior of its clients or does it also talk about testing times when its resources got stretched to the breaking point? Every firm would portray itself in a positive light but the way it does it speaks volumes about its abilities and ethics. Since app development is a critical task that demands high investments and efforts, working with a partner that understands both its strengths and weaknesses is important.

Although there isn’t a silver bullet to the problems that may surface during the course of the engagement, adhering to the aforementioned points would make the job multiple times easier and boost its chances of success. A thorough analysis of the mobile app development companies portfolio isn’t an option but a prerequisite to the success of app development projects.


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