How to access Google Meet

How to access Google Meet

Google Meet is Google’s platform dedicated to online meetings, which allows you to easily create and participate in video conferences using a wide range of compatible devices: Windows PC, Mac, Linux PC, Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone and iPad. I bet you too look at it with some interest but that, being impractical of technology, you don’t know how to use it. Quite right? Then know that you are in the right place if you are interested in understanding how to access Google Meet. Take five minutes of free time and read this guide carefully.

In which I am going to illustrate how to take advantage of the service above. Both to create a new meeting and to participate in an already active discussion. From all your devices. I assure you it is much simpler than you imagine. So, without waiting any longer, please make yourself comfortable and read carefully everything I have to explain to you on the subject. I am sure that, after reading this guide, you will have acquired the skills necessary to be able to use the service efficiently and, because no, to explain how it works, in turn, to friends and relatives. I have nothing else to do, except to wish you a good read!

Preliminary information

Before explaining, in concrete terms, let me give you some more information about this service. The meet is an application developed by “Big G” to allow users to create and participate in meetings easily.

Initially, the creation of new meetings was reserved only to G Suite users (the Google platform dedicated to companies) or to teachers enrolled in G Suite for Education (the forum dedicated to teachers and students). However, this limitation was abolished starting from May 2020, and anyone with a Google account can now create a new video conference; attending meetings created with Google Meet, however, has always been entirely free for everyone.

Nonetheless, some limitations persist: Google Meet meetings can last a maximum of 60 minutes and host at most 100 participants if created by single users; also, to join the meeting, it is essential that each participant have a Gmail account.

As for G Suite users, however, there are no time limits, and the maximum number of participants for each meeting is 250; in addition, a video conference created by a G Suite user also allows access to people without Google accounts (who must, however, be authorized to participate).

As for compatibility, Google Meet is available as a Web service that can be used through any compatible browser (with the help of a webcam and microphone ), in the form of an app for Android, iPhone and iPad and also as a fixed telephone line.

What is Google Meet

Before guiding you in the actual use of the service, allow me to explain what Google Meet is and how it differs from the other video conferencing solutions available today.

Google Meet is an application developed by Google to allow users to quickly and easily create and participate in meetings and video conferences.

Suppose you want to participate in a meeting created with Google Meet. Know that this function has always been completely free. At the same time, the creation of new meetings and the permission to invite people within a meeting are functions previously reserved for G Suite users (the platform paid for Google oriented to companies). From May 2020, available free for everyone. As also written by Google on its official blog.

The service is available for 60 minutes use, up to a maximum of 100 participants for single users, while for unlimited use and up to a maximum of 250 participants for companies.

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As for compatibility, I have already mentioned it: Google Meet is available for Android, iPhone and iPad, PC and even from a landline: as I will explain later, in fact, you can participate in meetings created with Meet by simply dialling a number phone connected to the meeting. But now let’s go in order.


How to access Google Meet from PC

Having made the above clarifications, it’s time to explain how to access Google Meet from PC. To do this, connect to the website of the service and if you have a meeting code. Please enter it in the appropriate text field and click on the Join button, in order to take part in the meeting in progress.

Suppose the meeting was started by a user who does not have a G Suite account. You will be asked to log in to your Google account. If not, enter your name in the appropriate text field and click on Join again. Press the Allow button to allow the browser to access the webcam and microphone and wait a few moments for the meeting window to be shown on the screen.

If, on the other hand, you want to create a new meeting. Click on the Start a meeting button located on the Google Meet home page. Log in to your Google account and wait for the discussion “room” to be created. It may take a few moments. Finally, click on the Join button and press the Allow button several times to authorize the browser to use the webcam and microphone.

Done! Once the meeting has been created. Click on the Copy participation info button to copy the invitation link to the clipboard (you can share it as you see fit). On the Add, people button to invite other contacts to participate in the meeting, also via email. You can, at any time, view and copy the participation link by clicking first on the Meeting details button. Located at the bottom left, and then on Copy participation info.

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How to access Google Meet Grid View

Do you want to access Google Meet Grid View so that you can view all the participants of the conversation in a single grid? You can enable this view mode using the Google Chrome browser and a special extension designed for it.

To do this, connected to this website from Chrome. Make sure you are logged in to your Google account (if not, you can remedy it by clicking on the Login button located at the top right). Click on the Add and Add extension buttons (this last located in the small panel that opens).

After completing this operation, start a Google Meet meeting as previously seen: following this operation. The Grid View extension is automatically enabled, and its menu is made available in the upper right corner of the meeting screen.

To define the display options. Move the mouse cursor over the barred grids icon and place a checkmark next to the options that suit you best. Show only participants with a video camera, Highlight, who is speaking. Include yourself in the grid or Activate always the grid view. When you are done, click on the aforementioned icon to activate the “grid” mode. It was simpler than I thought.

Note :

The Grid View option is only accessible from the web version of Google Meet.


How to access Google Meet from mobile

Do you want to know how to access Google Meet from mobile and how to access Google Meet from a tablet? All you have to do, in this case, is to download the official app of the service from the Play Store if you use a device with an Android operating system, or from the App Store. Suppose you use an iPhone or iPad. The apps both work the same way.

After starting the application, tap the Continue button. If required, repeatedly touch the Allow / Authorize buttons to give the app access to the camera, microphone, memory and notifications. Select the Google account with which you want to log in. Manually enter your credentials in the appropriate text field.

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Now, to join an existing meeting. Tap on the Meeting Code button and enter the code that has been provided to you in the appropriate text field. When you’re done, touch the Join Meeting button to be added to the discussion room.

If, on the other hand, you intend to create a new meeting. Touch the New meeting button and, if you wish, press the Share button to send the participation link through the apps installed on the system (e.g. Gmail, WhatsApp, Telegram and so on Street). Once the invitations are complete, touch the X in the top left to return to the meeting.

To chat with meeting participants, tap the icon of the comic. See active people, touch the menu icon. View (and possibly share) the meeting entry link and attached files, tap the button (s). Learn more about how Google Meet works. I refer you to reading the specific tutorial I dedicated to the topic.


How to access Google Meet from Classroom

If you are a teacher and you use the Classroom to manage your courses. You can take advantage of the Google Meet integration to create a unique link related to the course meeting, which, at the same time, is displayed by all participants in the “Stream” and “Jobs Del” sections. Course”. This option, however, is only available if the account is enabled G Suite for Education.


Suppose you are a teacher and want to access Google Meet from Classroom using your PC. First, connect to the web portal of the service, log in with your Google account (if necessary). Then select the course for which to start the meeting from the list of the active ones.

Now, press the gear button located at the top. Locate the General section in the new proposed screen and click the Generate Meet link button. Finally, click on the Save button located at the top. To start the meeting, go to the Stream section of Google Classroom. Click on the Meet link located just below the course code and press the Join button, to open the meeting.

If, on the other hand, you are a student. You need to find the link to the meeting in the Stream or Works sections of the course. Click on the latter and then on the Join button.


Smartphone and tablet

If you are a teacher, start a Classroom. Please select the course for which to generate the meeting and touch the gear symbol to access its settings. Then, press the (⋮) button ( on Android) or (…) (on iPhone and iPad) located next to the word Link to a video meeting. Select the item, Generate a link to the meeting from the menu displayed and touch the X button to close the panel.

From now on, the quick link to the video meeting will always be available in the Stream and Works sections of the course. To participate, whether you are a teacher or a student. You have to touch it and touch the Join the meeting button. In order for everything to be successful. However, it is essential that the Meet app has been previously installed on the device. More info here.


How to access Google Meet with links

To access Google Meet with an invitation link received via chat. Email or other messaging systems. It is sufficient to have the credentials of your Google account available (unless the meeting has been started by the owner of a G Suite account / G Suite for Education). To act as a smartphone and tablet, have previously installed the official app of the service. Available for Android, iOS and iPad OS.

Once these requirements are satisfied, you have to click or tap on the invitation link to be taken back to the Meet web page (on PC) or to open the app (on smartphone and tablet) automatically. Then, to enter the meeting, tap or click on the Join button.

Afterwards, you will be asked to log in with your Google account or indicate your name and surname. If necessary, grant permission to the browser or apps to use webcam and microphone. That’s all!

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