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Guide to Unified Communications as a Service


Guide to Unified Communications as a Service

Whenever we talk about a growth-oriented and result-driven business communication, the mention of Unified Communication as a Service happens to be first. This one resource has all the powers to leverage business communication at every level. If you succeed to utilize it in full swing, no one can ever stop you from reaching the top.

To make the most of UCaaS, you must know it a little better. This guide will help you with this. So, let’s get started.

What is Unified Communication as a Service?

Unified Communication as a Service is a type of business communication wherein the end-user can gain access to all sorts of leading communication tools like IM, live chat, web conferencing, and many more under one roof. With a cloud-based deployment, UCaaS allows the users to enjoy best-of-breed communication tools without them having on-site.

It’s a type of Unified Communications and Collaboration.

In general, its deployment is available in two types. The first is on-site and the second is cloud-based. When it’s deployed in the cloud-based environment, it’s known as UCaaS.

The evolution of UCaaS

Just like any technology, UCaaS evolved with time. With more and more companies moving on the cloud. It has become an imperative part of all those businesses that dream of offering cost-effective yet comprehensive communication.

As per the current market trends & analysis, UCaaS is likely to touch the mark of 23.4% CAGR by the end of the year 2022. Another study by Synergy Research Group in this regard shows that UCaaS’s market space grew 23% in a single year.

Architecture available

At present, it can be availed based on two types of architectures:

  • Single-tenancy UCaaS
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In Single-Tenancy UCaaS, a business can get a custom-made software platform that is capable of integrating with existing on-premise applications. This type of tenancy is very private and can be managed easily.

  • Multi-tenancy UCaaS

In Multi-tenancy UCaaS, all your users/associates/child companies use the same kind of platform. As many users would be using it at a time, its integration can be complex at the time and consume little extra time in maintenance.

Basic Components

The three basic components of UCaaS are:

  • Application servers run and managed by UCaaS providers
  • Software clients that can be used via WebRTC or a plugin
  • Communication end-points to initiate communication like phones, video conferencing, and whiteboards

Benefits of UCaaS

UCaaS is a proven blessing for a business as it endows the end-users multiple benefits:

  • Using UCaaS improves your communication ability as you get various kinds of services under one roof. You can reach out to more and more customers and handle them with equal ease and perfection.
  • With multiple integrations, it improves your team’s productivity. They can handle more communication in less time. The top-notch automation that it brings in your day-to-day operations is commendable and noteworthy.
  • As it comes with a very user-friendly interface, you don’t have to waste time and effort on team training. Everyone can use it without facing any troubles.
  • By using it, you can save a good deal on operational costing and maintenance fees.

Choosing the right king of UCaaS

You can relish over all these above-mentioned benefits only if you have the right kind of UCaaS facility. To ensure this, you must pay attention to the below-stated points:

  • Try buying it from a trusted and professional service provider.
  • Don’t feel shy to inquire about the costing charges and features offered. There should be an ideal and valid justification for the high cost charged.
  • Make sure that you are having an easy package update facility. The flexible would be the packages; the better would be the service.
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Understanding the difference between UCaaS and CPaaS

UCaaS vs CCaas, When you learn about UCaaS, you are likely to encounter one term very frequently. That term is used for the Communication Platform as a Service. Though they may sound similar from the surface, they are two ends of the same rope. Here is how they differ from each other.

In UCaaS, all the resources are already developed and deployed by the service provider. Users choose the facilities depending upon their needs. On the other hand, CPaaS offers platforms to create custom UC solutions.

While UCaaS focuses on making things simple, CPaaS emphasizes on offering customized services.

In UCaaS, you will get SMS, live chat, sales bots, and many more communication tools, Communication Platform as a Service offers you REST APIs, developer support, sample code, forums and documentation required to create custom communication tools.

Making business communication easier and better

UCaaS is one of the easiest ways to improve your business communication abilities without making huge investments. Once deployed in the right manner, this inventive communication technology can fill all the communication gaps and weave success. So, get it today from a trusted service provider.

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