Great gift ideas for the techie in your life

Great gift ideas for the techie in your life

In the world that we live in today, there is a tech innovation for almost every need on the market. Need to grow micro herbs but can’t find the time? There’s a device for that. Struggling with poor posture? You can bet that there’s an app for that too!

Whether you are looking for a gift for a tech lover that you are dating, married to, friends with, work with, friends with benefits, or anything in between, the truth is that you loved on deserves something that’s truly from the heart.

Sure, giving a generic gift will save you money and time, but it will not have the same impact as something that’s really been thought out. The good news is that the shopping process ought to be a little more stress-free for you because there is so much that you can choose from these days.

To simplify things and make the shopping process a lot more enjoyable, here are some great gift ideas for the techie in your life that they did not know they needed:

A foosball table

When people mention the word gaming, the first thing that comes to mind is video games. However, going beyond the expected is why you are here. So if you want to leave an impression, go for a foosball table.

Even a gently used foosball table can be a great gift for someone that’s looking to diversify their gaming experiences. Plus, foosball is a fun and healthy way for one to get their heart rate up which is great news for anyone trying to nudge their loved one towards a healthier lifestyle.

Foosball tables come in all shapes and sizes but if you want to get a true sense of what you are buying, you will need to do a little research. The good news is that there are foosball tables to suit differing tastes whether you are buying a table for someone with lots of space or a loved one in a dorm room.

An artificial intelligence book

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AI is everywhere these days; there is no way to escape it. You interact with it when you shop online, when you Netflix and chill, you engage with it when you talk to Siri or Google Assistant…it’s all around you whether you realize it or not. So if you are looking for a gift for someone obsessed with technology, you should seriously consider getting them an artificial intelligence book or two.

No one needs to tell you about the power of a good book. There is also no denying that AI is quickly influencing every aspect of modern life, both professionally and at home. In the next 5 years to come, AI capabilities could be mainstream- the norm and not the exception.

As such, gifting your loved one with an AI book or several books is a nice way to give them a head start to learn as much as they can about this amazing technology. This is one gift that will be highly appreciated- your recipient will be thrilled by the entre into our impressive AI-driven future.

A smart garden

Tech doesn’t just have to be restricted to apps and video games. Does the techie in your life love the idea of keeping a garden but struggles to make time for it? Perhaps they would like to but don’t have a green thumb. Then a smart garden would be the perfect gift.

What is a smart garden you ask? It’s exactly as it sounds. A smart garden is a garden that utilizes technology to take the guesswork and the complication out of maintaining a garden. Smart gardens are self-contained meaning that they supply their own light, water, fertilizer, and customized heat levels. Your loved one only has to do the planting and sowing and the unit will do the rest.

A charging hub

Working from home is becoming the standard now thanks to the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever, people are relying on their electronic devices, which is where a multi-port charging hub comes in. with a charging hub that has several ports to work with, one never has to worry about their devices going off.

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Most hubs are designed for USB charging but you might want to go for a model that also includes full outlets for charging laptops and other devices. You also need to look for a charging hub that can work across all brands whether your loved one is using an Android device or an iPhone.

Gifting your special someone with a system that consolidates all their USB ports and charging systems will not only allow them to operate more efficiently but it will also free up space that can be used for other storage purposes.

A PlayStation classic

We know that the most impressive gifts are the trendiest ones. However, the tech lover in your life would never turn down a PlayStation Classic. This classic blast from the past would help your loved one relive their glory days.

And if your loved one already has a current PlayStation console, then consider preserving this one in a protective glass case. Not only will it be kept safe forever, but presenting it will leave your recipient very impressed. Plus, having it in a glass case means that they can put on display, in their office, or somewhere on a mantle, for everyone to see or discuss as a conversation piece.

Final Thoughts

If you are buying a gift for the techie in your life, then you are in luck. The best gifts; you know, those that have a wow effect, are usually the coolest and newest products in the market. It doesn’t matter if it’s the newest phone accessory, gaming system, or latest thingamajig; if it’s new and trendy, then there’s no way they’ll hate it.

But buying a gift for a loved one isn’t the easiest thing to do. That’s why we’ve put together this list. You can’t go wrong with these cool and cutting edge suggestions. You’re welcome!

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