July 14, 2024

Get trained by corporate experts in Data Science Course, Malaysia


Get trained by corporate experts in Data Science Course, Malaysia


The Data Science Course curriculum has been developed by IT professionals to include in-depth awareness of all principles and modules in Data Science Instruction, from basic to advanced level. Data Science Course in Malaysia is taught by specialists with more than 32 years of experience in data science teaching. We have both analytical and realistic methods to help trainees understand complicated and challenging circumstances. The trainees are trained to confront the realities of the IT industry. They also have weekend courses for those who work and wish to upgrade themselves.

What is Data Science?

Since the advent of technology, data has become the most common source of information for all. We want our algorithms to think like humans, to grasp the dynamics of interactions, and to make decisions based on that. That is where we are integrating data analysis into the equation. The evolution of algorithms to grasp human-based behavior and to determine on their own without the intervention of any human being.

Why Data Science?

Data Science is mainly needed for:

  1. Pattern Discovery
  2. Better Decision Making
  3. Predictive Analytics

The various stages of data science:

  • Upload data from various outlets to our networks.
  • Transform the data according to a number of parameters.
  • Create visualizations in the form of documents.

Get Trained by Experts:

  • The Data Science Course Consultants in Malaysia are well trained and have more than 10 years of experience and are the most respected employee in their companies.
  • Institute teachers are still working on real-time projects and are kept up-to-date on all the new IT technology. They make sure all the trainees are under the best instruction and are well educated.
  • The best thing about them is that they are still connected to other IT companies, which are of great value to students because they are considered for specific opportunities in the IT industry.
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Placements: A major point of concern

  • The Data Science Course in Malaysia ensures the placement of every single trainee from each batch and has maintained a 100 percent record of any placement over the past few years.
  • Institute has ties with top MNCs such as Infosys, CTS, Accenture, DXC, Delloite, etc. Most qualified candidates from Data Science Course Malaysia are currently employed with one of these major MNCs across the globe.
  • After 70% of the training has been completed, applicants are also prepared for face-to-face interviews and to develop their skills and the amount of interview references is issued to the applicants before the final placement takes place.
  • Along with the preparation, daily evaluation sessions and interview sessions are held, and the applicants are also directed by the follow-up.

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