Free Beat Making Software

Free Beat Making Software

What is a beat?

The beat is simply the final application of physics to the globe of music. When there is any periodic or symphony of motions, then we can say it is a beat. Sometimes, we use the term like my heart skipped a beat. This article gives you full-on information about free beat making software.

How can a heart skip a beat?

The heart is simply a blood-pumping organ. It has no other significance other than keeping us alive. How does it really keep us alive? A heart continuously fluctuates or pumps. It contracts and expands to take in and leave both oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. A heart pumps 72 times for 60 seconds. A beat is simply this periodic motion of the heart. So, whenever a person says, “my heart skipped a beat,” it means stopping a moment of the heart. Well, however, the meaning is practically and emotionally different things. Suppose these heartbeats are presented in a graph. Then the fluctuations will produce a crest and a trough.

Similarly, in music, the musicians use these fluctuations to produce a rhythm, which we know as a beat.

Applications of Beats:

  • Violin, sitar, etc. Instruments are tuned mostly using the influence of beats. This is the whole concept behind tuning. The device is at the first hit to a known frequency and then adjusted accordingly.
  • Within the Sonometer experiment, beats are accustomed to adjusting the vibrating length between the 2 bridges.
  • To seek out the frequency (N) of the given implement beats is used.
  • There is an exciting technique using beats to confirm the existence of pure air in the mines. An organ pipe-like instrument is blown. If there is no beat, then the air is pure. Otherwise, it is impure.

The making of beats

Beats are mostly used by new music producers who are trying to make it big in the market. The second is an indispensable part of the hip-hop community. Hip-Hop is incomplete without moments. Beat making is such a lucrative job, indeed. However, a little or straightforward beat surely packs a punch. A simple moment seems like a huge bummer. Only to the inexperienced producer, it is so intimidating. In the beginning, the making of beats can intimidate many. But the one to survive through it stays for the long run. Beat making also means producing drum beats. These drum beats are used for a ton of purposes:

  • Recording yourself.
  • Playing along to a drumbeat with other instruments.
  • Making beats on a computer to import into other programs
  • Trying to make percussion loops for DJ sets.
  • Practicing rhythm and beat making

Full tracks can be completed using drum beats, melodies, and many other effects. Moments are like water. It takes the shape of the mold it is kept in. So, it fits right in with any music.

Top 6 free beat making software

Modernization of any sort is a blessing. Again, the modernization of music has created accessibility to the software and material for everyone. Once, you had to go through all the hectic jobs of booking a studio and paying for it. There you were able to record your very own work. But, not for long. Revolution is the world’s nature. Beats have already come a long way now. Today, none can learn the fundamentals. Experimentation and production of music take only a few minutes. Artists have also evolved with this evolution of music.

In the following list, we’ll evaluate the most straightforward free beat making software available. Today on the internet so that there will be no delay for you. To start programming and chopping up samples.

  1. Tracktion 7
  2. FL Studio
  3. Garageband
  4. Studio One 4 Prime
  5. Avid Pro Tools First
  6. LMMS
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Besides these, there is some other software like Bandlab. It is also free of cost. Some are browser-based. It is easy to use and packs a ton of features. Now, all of this software is available for Windows and Mac operating systems.

Tracktion 7If you are looking for capability, then Tracktion 7 is just the thing you can put your bets on. As you might’ve guessed, it is the best for beat making. This free software has no restrictions like most software these days. Here, only infinity is the last stop. You get unlimited track storage. These tracks are then used to create your beats. Now, by adding or mixing it up using effects and things from the library, music production occurs.

Tracktion 7 is synonymous with most of the plugins. Waveform Pro is a premium and quite a famous contender in the market. Traction 7 is the free version of it. So, if you like the free version and want a similar experience with more features, then you can quickly shift. To the premium version anytime. The micro drum sampler is the one and only people’s favorite section of this free beat making software. It’s straightforward to navigate. Here, you’ll be able to allot several drum sounds to the self supervisions.

Tracktion 7 has it’s the unique and personal feature by the name plugin sandboxing. It helps with 3rd party plugins. Over-exhausting of CPUs is a bad thing about using such software. This feature allows with this problem. This eventually makes Tracktion 7 a better choice of many.

  1. FL Studio

FL Studio is simply an amateurs paradise. The free version of any software always had restrictions. FL Studio, also being free software, is not inferior to the topic. But after saving, you can’t edit it. It helps you not to over tweak your work. By using the Fl Studio free version, you can quickly produce files in WAV or MP3 format. It comes with a ton of available features at the market only with just the free version. As a result, it is a blessing for all.

Simplicity attracts music producers of the modern age. They crave FL Studio for this reason. For inexperienced beginners, it is a great choice. It creates a very home-like feeling while using it. FL Studio is not a very hard nut to crack. It allows you to dive straight into the methods of designing beats.

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  1. Garageband

GarageBand is a free beat making software. It is a unique software which is produced by the famous Apple Inc. As a result, the Mac, iPhone, iPad users are only capable of using it. Bass Amp Designer, handy addition to the bulk storage of the software features. Is beyond any doubt the best among all. Using it, you can access the rig of the basses.

The sound archive within GarageBand is of a very high-end. Manipulation of the sounds using effects is also adamant here. These form them more distinctive and well fitted to your taste of beats. GarageBand could be an excellent tool on the iPhone of yours. Because of the flexibility of phones, you can quickly and swiftly make music anywhere you wish.

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  1. Studio One 4 Prime

Plugins of the Native Effects are quite well known. What is the most effective beat making option? If you are wondering this, then the answer to your question is the native effects plugin. With Studio One 4 Prime, you will be able to get entrance to nine dedicated Native Effects plug-ins. There can also be more drastic alternatives than the nine plugins contain.

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There are just about 1GB of loops in the software. And, also samples which you’ll be using to urge your beat. All of these, just so that you can start with a bulk load of insight. These are very prime quality. Studio One 4 Prime is such a limitless software. And, also for its exporting your own beats.

  1. Avid Pro Tools First

Pro Tools software is a well-acclaimed software in this sector. Avid Pro Tools First is the free version of this highly endorsed Premium Tools software. It’s essentially a pocket edition of professional tools. So, if you can get in on the free version, you are surely getting it. An excellent introduction to the way it works. If you enjoy it, you’ll upgrade and find all of the full version’s surpluses. There are some thresholds on Avid Pro Tools. But, there is nothing to worry about.

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  1. LMMS

Free beat-making software all is not up to the mark when they are free of cost. But in this case, LMMS is an exception. This DAW is friendly with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Again, BPM creates your own desired music. Midi keyboard can be used for external playback in the software. Whether or not you have any access to anyone. Again, the keyboard in your laptop or your computer can also be used. The editor of Beat+Bassline gives you the flexibility to assemble and merge the tracks of the instruments. Also helping by grouping the drums and bases into a single way. This can be useful for sidechaining your beats with the basses.

The editor by the piano roll helps you find out the notes and sequence found in your keyboard. This allows you to finalize and simplify your work with just a single click. In LMMS, you’re also able to get any MIDI files and any other files. Previously stored by any projects straight into your very own beats. This software is only a small portion of all the available software on the internet. Suppose you are looking to save money, time, and some effort. Then the above-mentioned software is the one to place your bets on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): Free Beat Making Software

  1. Is there any free beat making software?

Every software nowadays is either paid or partially free. The partly free software provides some features but leaves the most useful ones for the paid version. Some software helps in making beats right from your browsers. You can record, edit, and do many more right from your browsers.

  1. Which free beat making software is the easiest?

There are a ton of free beat making software that is available throughout the internet. MAGIX Music Maker is the easiest one amongst the lot. It indeed stays at the top, while coming to a music maker built for beginners. It is super easy to use with very cheap pay. There is another software which is as easy as Magix. It is also quite an excellent piece.

  1. Will I be able to make a beat by using only my laptop?

Suppose your wish is to make the beat at home easily. Then the two things you will be needing are a computer and a beat making software. So, a laptop is just enough to make beats music. However, a keyboard and a drum midi controller will make things easier. But if you wish to make full songs, then a laptop is not nearly enough for the job.

  1. Which things do I need to start making beats?

To make beats, there are mostly 5 things that you will be needing.


  • Computer
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Beat making software
  • Audio interface
  • Studio headphones

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