A Taxonomy of Gambling And Casino Games: Factors Associated with Social Gaming

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With a wide availability and drastic rise in the popularity of casino on social gaming media platforms, it has prompted international jurisdictions to consider the factors of social gaming in which online games may be similar to Internet gambling activities and, therefore subject to regulatory action. Gambling is popular in video and computer games, and such stimulating activities are commonly offered by gambling operators to entice users to gamble online such as Satta Matka with money. Specific Vegas Live Slots are available with the help of internet technology that has evolved over the years. The terms’ social media’ refer to Internet sites and platforms (including mobile applications). The sole or dominant purpose is to facilitate social interactions between individual users to exchange information, communicate, or undertake collaborative activities. One of the most popular and profitable genres of games that are played online are those which replicate gambling activities but are free to play.

Factors Associated:

Amidst all the research that has ever taken place about casino present study aims to identify the factors that characterize adolescent social casino gamers and determine whether such factors differ by SCG type. However, the study has noted the extent to which social casino gaming is associated with monetary gambling and problem gambling in this cohort. Respondents have noted that the participants were recruited through survey sampling international. This SSI randomly selects the respondents from large existing panels, and later invites them to participate in the survey via email (without disclosing the survey topic to avoid response bias) and screen them according to age, gender, and location quotas that were representative of the Australian population.


Before taking further steps indulging in such areas, factors like age, gender, marital status, household type, highest education qualification, work status, total family household income, the main language is spoken at home, and country of birth are to be measured beforehand.

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People who have already played into games like gambling were asked how frequently they had gambled during the last 12 months to which they reported having a bet on at least one form of gambling within the previous 12 months were classified as gamblers and, in return, were also asked to nominate how important each of the following motivations was for gambling: They quoted “social interaction helped them to relieve stress and escape from their worries, to pass the time/avoid boredom, to improve my gambling skills, to make money, for excitement and fun, for the competition.”

Social Casino Gambling

The term broadly known as SCG was introduced as “gambling-themed games available online that can be accessed through social media sites or mobile apps. Most of them are recorded free to play and do not provide real money prizes, but you can use real money to purchase additional virtual currency. Such games are played in order to help encourage individuals to connect through social media platforms.

The impacts of social media games have affected and recorded in high-density as these users were asked how similar they considered SCGs and gambling to be in terms of appearance, playing experience, and excitement of winning. Respondents were asked if they had any interest in gambling with real money on their favorite SCGs and as a result of their SCG use, and, if they had, which aspects of SCGs had encouraged them to gamble. They were asked to increase or decrease their money of gamble, as preferred.

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With extensive use of SCG’s, nearly 12.4% of respondents reported having participated in SCGs within the record of just three months. Compared to adolescents who were not reported playing SCGs, they were typically more likely to participate in monetary gambling activities, which were a lot more prevalently classified as problem gamblers of low-to-moderate severity or high severity. The profiles of SCG players relatively differ across factors significantly associated with the playing of SCGs such as gender, weekly spending money, presence of friends and parents who gamble regularly, and screen time. Records have also shown that current smokers were significantly more likely to participate in simulated slots online relative to adolescents who did not play SCGs.

Globally, about 170 million individuals play SCGs monthly, and as an estimate of 81 million individuals play SCGs on a daily basis. The preliminary data and evidence prove that the average age of SCG players ranges from approximately 30 to 45 years, which are the approximates that is based on investigations of adult samples only, and therefore poorly represent the full breadth of players who engage in these games.

Therefore, the present analysis is hard to report as it has drastically increased within the last few months. The Advancements in technology have fueled the expansion of gambling activities a long way beyond land-based venues and into widely accessible online formats. This growth has resulted in the development of social casino games. The gambling intervention efforts are directly proportional to the country’s population, which should be aiming to identify personal and environmental factors of social gaming and should be tailored to different types of SCGs.


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