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EZTV Torrents for Movies, Games, TV Shows, Software Files in 2020

Internet users who are quite interested in download torrents f TV programs are probably very familiar with EZTV Proxy.

What is EZTV?

EZTV is the famous site for downloading Television series. Everyone can find TV shows, animated series with the help of EZTV torrents which have been working for several years. It is the most reliable site for users to see some of the most rapid TV torrents. The site also keeps on adding new features, filters and quicker torrents as it has been improving for the past few years. In the past users were always complaining due to slower torrents now it has been altered entirely with the availability of faster torrents where users can download any TV series in only a few minutes.

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How does EZTV work?

As we have understood that EZTV is a site which provides users with the free downloading of premium TV shows which everyone cannot find freely on the internet. EZTV is like other torrent sites which offer movies, events but EZTV is specific for only TV shows of original quality for free.
EZTV users can get the only TV shows, that’s why there is not so much traffic on the site. That’s the reason that people can download any TV shows with higher speed and quality without any hindrance due to lower web rush. This is not in case of other sites which are offering all types of entertainment contents for users; they usually have low speed and poor quality content.

On other sites you are supposed to pay a subscription fee to watch any type of contents, however, this not in case of using EZTV where you can download torrents of your favourite program offline without any type of subscription fees.

EZTV network has been so much prevailed that it has so many volunteer workers along with the office staff working day and night to make it efficient and accessible to all users.

There is also a new feature of asking for your favourite type of series if it is not available on the website then you can request them for it. They will set up brand new series collections on the website for you. That is one of the most recent developments with regard to new additions on EZTV websites.

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There is also one issue with EZTV when it is shut down in your country then you cannot enjoy this website as it happened in 2014. The site was closed in few countries due to some functional problems. However, it again became functioning due to addition of new filters and domains in the whole network of EZTV.

When you can use EZTV Proxy

  • If the site is shut down due to its issue, then it can be again available after a few hours. However, if your government and media have banned it in the country then you cannot get access to this proxy anymore. It’s quite annoying for fans of EZTV.
  • If EZTV is blocked in your country, then you are looking for some substitutes to get access to this proxy. There are several other alternatives to gain access as you can use EZTV proxies and sites of Mirror, which are the most convenient ways. But it is not so easy to open these proxies.
  • If you want free access to EZTV proxies and mirror sites, then you can get these because the developers of EZTV have made it feasible for users recently. You will find the same contents on these proxies as on EZTV although the names are different.

How you can unblock EZTV

If EZTV is blocked in your country or it is blocked by ISP, then you can only use alternative proxies like mirror proxies to download TV series from EZTV. It is not working in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and America because it has been blocked by ISP there.

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What are substitutes for EZTV?

If the EZTV site is permanently blocked in your country, then you can enjoy EZTV proxies and related Mirror sites to download your TV programs freely without any kind of restrictions. There are plenty of proxy sites you can use to get access to EZTV. Moreover, if you are concerned with privacy issues when your country has put restrictions on using any kind of illegal websites or proxies, then you can use any kind of VPN to hide your privacy. You can use VPN providers on any browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. These are the most feasible ways to enjoy fast torrents to download your choice of TV series and programs by using proxies along with EZTV proxies.

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The proxy sites are copied versions of the genuine websites where you can find the copied contents of original sites quite easily and freely without any kind of restrictions. These proxy sites are kept working by volunteers and official workers of EZTV network so that material can be provided to users without hindrances.

The one advantage of using these proxy sites is that you can get original content with the same speed and quality because there are several proxies working one time so there is no more traffic on these sites. There is also one dark side of using these proxies is that when it is recognized by the ISPs then it is suddenly shut down and blocked and you cannot process your downloading.

Why these sites are being taken down by the government

One of the most promising issues is that governments of all nations are trying to block the piracy of material and original content so that these proxies like EZTV Proxy are restricted in different nations. There have been strict restriction imposed by governments to act on anti-piracy laws and if you are using VPN to block your locations, there are few chances that ISPs may recognize your locations and can halt your VPNs and proxies in this way you are quite unable to use these proxies in your location and area. Some producers of TV shows have also appealed to government to stop the illegal proxy sites so that their original content cannot be stolen by other sites because other sites usually add subscription fees and they are earning by selling these shows online.

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