June 15, 2024

Examining critically the features of ecommerce

E commerce features

Laws were made in society not to restrict the freedom of to its members, or to limits the power of their members and their right to act, speaks, or thinks as they want.

The idea to have the laws was the original idea, which was given by the members of the society to its sovereign. Laws were the original source which would provide the sense of safeguard and the reliability to have the just rights and duties to each other in the respective society.

Introduction on Ecommerce

Ecommerce in today’s world is taken as Business or a regular occupation, profession, or trade over the internet, or simply we can say it is the way of earning money, ecommerce takes and requires technical and marketing skills to run, the need and demand of these skills in today’s world keeps the standard sets, as for example in today’s modern and technological world it takes the skill of :Programming languages, Common operating systems, Software proficiency, Technical writing, Project management, Data analysis skill these are those qualities skills which are acquired by one from the activity of digital tasking . E-commerce encompasses all the activities including buying, selling and delivering of goods or services across the globe.This delivery is commonly termed – Shipping. Ebay shipping service cost way less than most shipping.

Ecommerce laws

As we had already mentioned that ecommerce is the way of business or trading which is being carried out on the medium of internet therefore, there are some sets of rules in every other society in the world, as the world is getting more and more organized day by day therefore the advancement in judiciary and the idea of separation of power is must have requirements and the need in today’s technological world, usually

Laws in the society is always given by the legislature which is the organ of the government.

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E-Commerce law and freedom of enterprise

Individuals in society are given freedom under the laws of ecommerce, individuals are given freedom to form enterprises and conduction of work, he has given all the complete right by the legislature of the state to earn his living via ecommerce, or through modern technological applications, he has given freedom to organize his activities in any manner, the healthy and sound conditions are provided by the government of states for the business man, all the modern and contemporary applications are given to him, the country’s law firms generates The UK SOLICITORS over the course of a time, who are competent and professional Moral education which is key element of their members is provided to them, and when the trainings are given to them along with the moral education these elements change the entire outlook of their society, here we may take them as west, all those lessons and training are settled in a manner to increase their competency in the fields of trade, commerce and finance relating to the ecommerce industry.

The ecommerce system of earning

It is the natural right of every individual in the society, to get his share from the divine providence of the nature, and all the natural sources which are given to his society, where government were made for the safety of their trade and the business, and the ecommerce way to earn the livelihood of their life, one has all the equal share in the society to get their equal share in the business fields and in the fields of e-commerce trade. All individuals must be enjoying the laws of ecommerce in the society, no one should be deprived of this law, and no one will be given any kind of preference over each other.

The right to conduct ecommerce training

There is no way in the society to have distinction between people or any kind of restrictions in the individuals, there has to be no restrictions over the members of any group or a race, there has to be no restrictions on them to earn their livings in any way they like, there is no restrictions by the laws or legislation to use the modern ways to build their business regardless of e-commerce, he is free to adopt any ways until and unless he does not exploit the rights of other members in the respective society.

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The means of production, consumption, exchange or distribution which are produced from the ecommerce trade should be given to the members of the society all in equal and all right measurements, It is the sole duty of the state’s government that all his members get their equal share in the trade of ecommerce business regardless of any monopoly given to any specific group within the territories, therefore government must allocate them and grant the permission of ruining their business throughout the e-commerce industry, the government in the society is all bound to certified each of the individuals and groups to use the applications of technology and ecommerce without creating any kind of Monopoly or creating any kind of distinction.

Trademarks and the business process of ecommerce

The government in the states were created not to produce any kind of unhealthy competition and rivalries within the states, and to diminish their struggles in their economic fields or grounds, and ultimately not to obstruct them in any manner in the struggles for life, unhealthy therefore government made sure not to create any kind of unhealthy factors in the environment to create the chance of rivals and competition the law was passed by government, that all those businesses which were created and were no matter what digital or modern technologies they were using even the e-commerce industry itself, has to be create A trademark that would be registered Under the name of federal government, There were two specific legal requirements which was going to be done to be a trademark which was Distinctive from every others members in the society. That the mark was going to be used in business society and in ecommerce industry as the symbols of identifications. And these trademarks were going to provide legal protections to the individuals in the society.

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