July 15, 2024

Top 4 Irresistible Reasons To Invest In ETFs


Investing in Exchange Traded Funds has become extremely popular nowadays. It allows people to own various sets of securities like stocks at a very low price. It also lets investors achieve specific exposure to different areas in the market, including asset classes. Putting your money in an ETF is one of the fastest ways to invest in the stock market. It is particularly helpful if you have little knowledge or experience in this type of venture.

But getting into this type of investment requires proper planning. ETFS, independent ETF solution specialists in Australia, shared that understanding all the innovations in ETFs would help investors achieve better outcomes using access to thematic equities, yield, and commodities.

If you are still uncertain if you would put your hard-earned money in ETFs, here are several reasons that might convince you to start investing in this type of investment fund.

Low Costs

The typical expense ratio on almost all ETFs ranges from 0.01 to 0.25%. It means that for each $1,000 that you will put in this investment, you must only pay approximately $0.10-$0.50 in total fees.

It means that the ETF fees can be considered as some of the most affordable established investment products. It also helps investors save a significant amount of money in the long run.


You will get exposure to a diverse list of products by putting a single investment through an ETF. The investment expert team from ETFS suggested trading the ETF on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), so you can process it the same way as trading regular stocks.

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The specialists also suggested buying ETFs directly from an official market maker or a broker if you want more flexibility and freedom for trading. It means that you can continue trading even outside the official ASX trading hours. This perk can be useful if you are outside the country and staying in a different timezone.

Tax Advantage

If you want to cash out on your mutual funds, you need to sell the securities to generate funds for liquidation. The government will require you to pay either a capital gain or loss tax for this activity. Even if your mutual fund drops in value during the present fiscal year, you still have a tax liability for it.

Meanwhile, the ETF structure makes it easier to create and liquidate your investment without selling the securities. It will help you avoid paying for additional capital gain/loss taxes.


Most investors can feel relaxed when putting their money on an ETF because of its transparent transactions. Most of the time, the ETF fund managers regularly publish the list of daily holdings. It can help you monitor the movement of the market every day.

Other investments like mutual funds do not have the same luxury, since they only publish their assets every quarter. It may sometimes get delayed for as long as 30 days. It is why investing in an ETF can put your mind at ease since you will have better means to know what happens to your investment.

These are just some of the main reasons investing in an ETF is surging nowadays. Suppose you have decided to join the growing list of investors. In that case, you only need to find a credible ETF management specialist to help you and your investment adviser handle your investments well. You must also begin looking for the right strategies to help you deal with your ETF to make your money grow substantially.

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