July 13, 2024
Download Videos From Websites

Smartphone users are engaged in browsing social media and entertainment websites more than ever. Social media sites are coming up with various kinds of innumerable entertaining and informative content every day. By data stats of 2020, among the most visited websites are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, fox news, Amazon, etc. This clearly states that users are indulging the most in content-sharing sites. To keep up with these exciting experiences, users can download videos from the websites now and then. There are a handful of brilliant applications to download videos from websites to give users a satisfying experience. So you can easily download videos using this free extension and app. So there is cool and easily accessible free software for PC and download videos from websites.

By the end of 2020, we’ve seen numerous video downloader apps/software. But only a few stood up as the best experience providers, with the coolest features. We came up with a list of the coolest and most useful apps/software of 2021 to download videos from the website. Because these are the best downloaders that are mostly free and available on the internet.

  • TubeMate
  • InsTube
  • Video Download Browser
  • Best Video Downloader
  • Video Downloader
  • Vidmate
  • Snaptube
  • Videoder
  • fbvideodownloader

Best videos downloader for Windows/macOS:

  • 4k Video Downloader
  • KeepVid
  • Video Downloader Pro
  • iTube Studio

1. TubeMate

The first app that comes to our mind when we think of a YouTube downloader is TubeMate. It is undoubtedly the pioneer of the free downloading app for YouTube videos. So it’s a third-party app that offers stop/pause download and direct access to YouTube. Its in-built player and browsing options undoubtedly make it smooth to use.

2. InsTube: Download Videos From Websites

InsTube is currently a renowned app for being able to download videos from websites. This includes Facebook, Youtube, Vivo, daily motion, Hotstar, Twitter, musically, 9gag, Ted, and many more. It supports all kinds of resolutions, including 4k and HD resolution. So it allows users to browse while downloading videos in the background. It is a built-in media player that lets users play video, as well as music.

3. Video download browser

Video Download browser is considered to be the best video downloader for iPhone. It’s effortless to download here and easy to watch. The most exciting feature about this app is its “Ai-play mode.” Using Air-play, users can play video on other devices as well.

4. Best Video Downloader

Another exciting video downloader app for iPhone is this app. It gives the unique experience to download videos from websites. The user interface runs here pretty smoothly. So the coolest feature in this app is the background downloading option. Using this, videos can still be downloaded when the application is closed. The cool feature of the timer stops playing videos when the timer is over.

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5. Video Downloader

Video Downloader is one of the most popular ones in the google play store. It allows users to download videos of all kinds of formats easily in the background. It allows multiple downloading options and maintains the security of contents.

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6. VidMate: Download Videos From Websites

It’s one of the most popular apps among Android users for its user-friendly features. It has an exceptional user interface that allows users to see videos on a category basis, such as music, video, TV series, movies, etc. It has an in-built browser. So it allows users to download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Instagram, FunnyorDie, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and multiple more websites.

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7. Snaptube

Snaptube happens to be very popular among the youngsters. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that run on Android devices without minimal buffering uses. Snaptube allows users to download videos in all kinds of formats and resolutions. It downloads videos from Vine, Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, DailyMotion, IG, Twitter, Soundcloud, and innumerable.

8. Videoder

The trendy Android video downloader program is Videoder. The software has a fast and user-friendly user interface. This software’s best feature is that the download connections are generated directly without the Videoder program being opened and eliminates switches between the Applications. Videos can be accessed from various websites or social networking pages such as FB, Twitter, etc. It requires commercials that you can order from the Play Store for the Videoder Premium plugin. Install the app, open your favorite video, tap the sharing button, and then press the video or icon to create links.

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9. Fbvideodownloader: Download Videos From Websites

It has been one of the most popular Facebook video downloaders over the years. It’s super easy to use. All a user’s got to do is copy the URL of the video and put it on the app’s search bar. Click the download button then for easy viewing.

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Best videos downloader for Windows/macOS

4k Video Downloader

It is considered to be the most sought-after app in windows to download videos from the website. The name says 4k, but it allows videos to be downloaded up to 8k resolution. It has unique features of the video library, downloads and browsing history, recommendations. Videos can be downloaded in any video resolution required, varying from MKV, MP4 to 4k, HD. It is very to use and can be used for numerous kinds of content download. The content variations range from social media, news media, entertainment to informative sites and more.

KeepVid: Download Videos From Websites

It’s a tool designed iTube. macOS mainly use it. Alongside Facebook videos, KeepVid also allows you to download videos from Instagram, Dailymotion, YouTube, and over 1,000 other websites. The website is SSL secured, and thus, there are no limitations to downloading videos. All the user’s got to do is copy the original video URL and place it in the app. Search and download are easier here.

Video Downloader Pro

To download videos from a website for MacOS users, it is the perfect video downloader. It has unlimited features which are present among other downloader and some unique options. Web browser on the video downloader provides a private mode that does not save the browsing history in a user’s iPhone. So it has exceptional management of videos on the computer. Each folder of downloaded videos can also be passworded independently by users. It is also fundamental and can be achieved via Wi-Fi transfer. The videos can be exported via Mac. It is only important that the iPhone and the PC are on the same Wi-Fi network.

ITube Studio

The Aimersoft app (hong-kong, Chinese) provides many exciting features such as 4K video streaming and conversion, watch capturing, searching, online video audio retrieval, download subtitles, etc. Aimersoft develops the software. In a free trial edition, though, only 2 downloads are available. Award to thousands of websites (Google Clips, Vimeo, Vivo, Hulu, FunnyorDie), download batch, HD images (720, 1080, 1920, 4K UHD), Apple computer presets (iPhone XS/X / XR, iPhone 8/7/6/5/4, iPhone Pro, iPad mini, iPod touch, Apple TV).

The Special Ones: Download Videos From Websites

These are the bonus lists. These are actually life-savers. Just try these out when the above ones do not work. So I hope this list will get you to the best video downloader from any website.

1. Web Video Downloader

It is a Chrome extension. It allows you to download videos from Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and what not? Web Video Downloader is free of cost chrome extension. So it is a trustworthy Chrome video downloader. Because of the shortest and most easy thanks to downloading any video from any website.

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Your browser’s powerful video downloader! Our extension allows you an easier way of determining where you’ll be able to download the first media file on the server. Once the medium file is accessed, a graphical label would be shown at the extension icon. Because this is the foremost popular Chrome Web Store video download extension. However, the net video downloader is checked, and you’ll be able to see the difference with other downloaders!

The available offerings:

  • MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, WEBM, ASF, MPG, and several other media files are available at no cost.
  • It helps you to avoid nervous ads. You must not watch, to any extent, further ads or dull contents.
  • Several videos are downloaded simultaneously.
  • Almost 99 percent of video sharing services are downloaded.


Because of the constraints on Chrome Shop, you’ll be able to download Youtube videos to your disk, but it will because you a bit of hassle. But set it up for once. So you are good to go with this web!

2. Save the video

Either from a well-liked website or application, anyone can easily download videos with one click. So plenty of internet sites like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Kawai, etc., are sponsored by Savethevideo.

It’s serially a–

  • Downloader of Songs
  • The downloader of Twitter Footage
  • Downloader for Facebook Video
  • Video Downloader Instagram Photo
  • Downloader for TikTok Video (Without Watermark)
  • Photo Downloader Dailymotion
  • Video Downloader Douyin (TikTok)

Steps to download any supported sites video

  1. Go to one among the websites sponsored.
  2. Copy share connection. Copy share link. Click the sharing button and replica the connection to try to do this.
  3. Click on the download icon and paste the ‘connect with the Savethevideo’ input bar.
  4. Now, pick the format, and also the video will start to be downloaded.

Is it permissible to import Savethevideo videos?

Yeah, it’s legal, before and for any commercial reason, to import any video you wish from Savethevideo because you will have a copyright strike on your downloaded content.

Why does everyone use Savethevideo?

Ok, there are lots of explanations, but allow us to speak of major reasons.

  • No malware and pop-up advertising like most blogs.
  • In contrast with other blogs, faster uploading.
  • Downloading videos 100% free tool.
  • It helped over 100+ websites.
  • Logins and registrations don’t seem to be available, which a good thing is.

3. PasteDownload.com

Why PasteDownload.com?

Now over 500+ video websites are supported by the PasteDownload. So here is that the Universal Video Downloader for more information.

Furthermore, PasteDownload has many other benefits, among them:

  • Supports over 500 plus videos (Universal Video Downloader).
  • Clean, No Pop ads or other reasonably ad irritating users.
  • Help for Resume Download.
  • Safe because no video download is required for users to put in any software.
  • No trap download link is on the market.
  • Simple to seek out and straightforward to use.

And others et al.

Automatically copy and paste the video (URL) to import

The Pastedownload.com could be a Free Online Video Downloader service that lets you download your images, pictures, and audio MP3s (all in one). The Sponsored website list reviews give you more info (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Vimeo). It should even be stressed that this site is agent-only, so no archives are saved on our website server with all the files you copy. So we can only convert the URL connection to create it easy to import and not difficult.

On the other side, we don’t store copyrighted files, and therefore the files you retrieve will be downloaded directly from each website provider’s CDN (Content Delivery Network). It should even be stressed that this site is agent-only, so no archives are saved on our website server with all the files you copy. We will only convert the URL connection to form it easy to import and, after all, not difficult. So, On the other side, this server doesn`t keep any copyrighted video. Hence, there is no legal and moral obligation you will fall into. So, Don`t worry! Just Go Ahead!

FAQ: Download Videos From Websites

Which is the software for download videos from websites?

The best apps for downloading Youtube and social media videos:

  • TubeMate
  • InsTube
  • Video Downloader
  • Vidmate
  • Snaptube

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Which video downloader is best for iPhone?

The most preferred video downloader iPhone-

  • Video Download Browser
  • Best Video Downloader

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Which is the best downloader for PC?

  • 4k Video Downloader
  • KeepVid
  • VideoDown the loader Pro
  • iTube Studio.

So the most premium experience in MacOS requires purchased versions.

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