June 14, 2024

7 Dirtiest Office Equipment That You Need To Clean Before Using

Dirtiest Office Equipments

Workers everywhere have become more conscious of their cleaning habits while at the office. And it’s a change that we all should’ve had a long time ago to clean the dirtiest office equipment.

But if you don’t want to be too paranoid about it, you can stick to cleaning and disinfecting office equipment that requires the most attention.

Here are seven of the dirtiest pieces of office equipment that you need to clean and disinfect before using them.

1. Dirtiest Office Equipment: Telephone

Using the phone means holding it and putting it on one side of your face while talking.

That means you’re spreading all sorts of bacteria through your mouth onto the phone. And you’re pressing all kinds of germs straight onto your face when you use it.

Thus, if you’re expecting a call, or are planning to call someone using the office phone, make sure that you wipe it down first. Don’t forget to also wipe down on the buttons and not only the telephone handle. After all, those also get a lot of touches from everyone in the office.

2. Keyboard

The keyboard you use in your office is something that you don’t clean as often as you should.

Given that this is office equipment that you always use, it likely has a lot of germs in its nooks and crannies. Thus, you’re contracting and spreading viruses and bacteria while you work.

Since a keyboard is a pretty complicated structure, you can’t wipe it down and say you finished cleaning it as much as possible.

Before you wash it, though, make sure that it’s not connected to anything. You should get a can of compressed air to get through those hard to reach places.

3. Photocopier

If you have a copier in the office, that means that’s the designated photocopier of a lot of people. You’re not the one person using it.

Thus, all sorts of germs from different people can lie on the surface of the photocopier. Even if you don’t use it that often, it doesn’t mean that no one has used it before you have.

Thus, before you start fiddling with your photocopier, make sure that you clean it down. You don’t want to catch a virus from someone in the office after using the copier.

Please pay special attention to the buttons of the photocopier when you clean it. Also, make sure that you unplug it before you start cleaning it.

4. Mouse

If you’re cleaning your keyboard, it makes sense that you also pay attention to the mouse that comes alongside it.

Since you likely use your mouse often when you’re working, it’s not comforting to work with it without cleaning it. If you don’t disinfect and clean your mouse on occasion, you might find more than 1,600 bacteria per square inch alone on your mouse.

You never know when you use your mouse and then touch your face right after. Thus, to be safe, you should disinfect your mouse before using it.

It would help if you also remembered to use hand sanitizer on your hands before handling your mouse after you sanitized it.

5. Monitors

After the keyboard and the mouse come the monitors you’re using in the office, complete the trifecta.

Although you might not be touching your monitors as much as your keyboard and mouse, it’s still worthwhile to clean them before using them. Besides, it will make your screen look much brighter when you’re using it.

Much like any other device, make sure that it’s unplugged before you start cleaning it. Use a damp cloth that you soaked with distilled water to clean the monitors.

6. Shared supplies are some of the Dirtiest Office Equipment

At Maid Sailors Hoboken Cleaning Service, we always advise our clients to clean office items that are often shared and passed around.

For example, if there’s one stapler for a group of five people or a single team, you have to make sure that you wipe that down before using it.

The same applies for any other items, even ones that aren’t small like a stapler. For example, the office pantry has many elements in there that you share with other people.

Thus, you have to make sure that you wipe things down after using them. The microwave is an excellent example of something to wipe down after use because it is one of the dirtiest office equipment pieces around.

7. Desks

Your desk in the office serves as your headquarters. It’s where you do a majority of your work. In some cases, it’s also where you might eat, where other people would talk and meet with you, and so on.

Since that’s the case, desks are prone to being home to millions of germs lying on the surface.

You should always wipe down and disinfect your desk. Also, keep a hand sanitizer and some wet wiped on your desk at all times.

Dirtiest Office Equipment: Conclusion

Cleaning your dirtiest office equipment will ensure your health and safety, especially in an environment where you have no choice but to surround yourself with all sorts of people.

Cleaning doesn’t only improve your health but also ensures that the office equipment will last longer and work efficiently.

Next time, you’re at the office, try and pay special attention to these pieces of office equipment and have the awareness to clean them before use.

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