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What do you ask for when you want to order a drink: a cola or a coke? Do you get your documents photocopied or Xeroxed? Do you send a package to a loved one or FedEx it? When you get hurt, do you use a bandage or a Band-Aid? These are a few examples of brand awareness. By increasing their brand awareness, these brands have become household names. We use the name of the brand instead of using the generic names of the product.

Similarly, you must have met people who call themselves “Apple people,” “Harley Men.” There is a sort of cult following of Apple, Nike, Harley, Jordans, and more. It is because of brand awareness. The brand has embedded itself into the minds of people that they cannot imagine a life without that brand. They call themselves loyalists of the brand. They follow the brand themselves; they try their best to convert their families, friends, and anyone who listens to the same brand.

Few things that brand awareness does for you and your brand are as follows. Once your brand achieves this status, it will automatically find itself in the correct households, and you won’t have to worry so much about your products or services.

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how easily your customers can identify and recognize your brand and how familiar they are. Take McDonald’s, for example. Those golden arches are recognizable anywhere. That is why businesses use a lot of effort and money to turn their brand into a household name. Various ways are available through which you can create and increase brand awareness like referral programs, guest blogging, shareable content, gated content, influencer marketing, and more.

Here we talk about the essential ways that you can use to create brand awareness.

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Influencer Marketing

This is the age of influencer marketing. Celebrities just don’t cut it anymore. Brands have to become relevant and relatable, and you cannot use stars for that purpose. It would help if you had someone that the community trusts and can easily relate to. That is where influencers come into play. These are the individuals who have created a following for themselves. People know they are regular folks just like them, and they trust them. Once they mention your brand’s name, it will increase your brand’s awareness and reach exponentially. Influencers are available on all platforms of social media. Once you find out the platforms that most of your customers visit, you can approach the influencers and collaborate with them.

Branded Packaging

The digital realm is not the only way through which you can create brand awareness. There are a lot of paths to the customers’ hearts, and you need to use all of them if you want to create a global brand that is recognizable everywhere. One of these ways is branded packaging. If you have ordered stuff online, you will know the difference between a parcel that arrives in generic packaging and a box that comes in branded packaging. Branded packaging completely changes the perception of the customers. The package stops being a package and becomes a gift (sort of). It provides added value to the item that you have bought.

Impressive Guest Content

Many people believe that guest posting is dead, but the truth cannot be farther than that. Guest posting is one of the great ways to have your brand displayed on various platforms and regularly interact with the people who visit those platforms. The only thing is that you cannot achieve these results with thin content that has no real value. You need to have content that provides the highest importance to the customers while looking like a million bucks. What does that mean? It means that your content should be evergreen, offers relevant information to the customers, and is readable and skimmable enough so that customers don’t get confused or irritated.

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SEO Research

You must have heard that when people search for something using a search engine, they rarely go beyond the first page. That is why landing on the first page is so essential for brand awareness. When people search for products or services like yours, they need to see you on top of the SERPs (search engine result pages). That is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in. If your content is optimized for search engines, it will give you a higher ranking. It will make sure that whenever someone searches for products or services like yours, they get to see you on top of the first page, increasing your brand awareness as well as your chances of acquiring new customers.

The Power of Social Media

No one can deny the power of social media in this day and age. The same is true for visual content, and social media is the best place to share visual content. You have platforms like Facebook and Instagram that are all about sharing stories through various mediums. It would help if you tapped into their power to increase your brand reach and awareness exponentially. You can also share your content on these platforms, but you can also ask your customers to share their pictures while using your products on your pages. They can tag you or your hashtag when uploading these photos, and that will create a buzz that will keep on spreading.


These are six of the essential ways through which you can highly increase your brand awareness and create an image in people’s minds that will stick to them. Once you do that, you can trust your customers to become your brand ambassadors and do your marketing work.

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