June 14, 2024

Cloud Hosting? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Cloud Hosting? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

More often the cloud hosting is termed as clustered hosting. Nowadays, it is a most popular type of hosting service that is delivered from a network of multiple and physically connected servers. Amongst the various types of web hosting services, cloud hosting is a new form of hosting and there are several reasons why it is popular today. It allows the clients to host their website in more a powerful, reliable, and scalable way. And this is provided to customers through a system with multiple servers in addition to some virtual resources. Likewise to virtualization, a cloud has limitless processing power. Moreover, users have the ability to scale up and can add new servers according to their requirements. Another major advantage of the cloud server system is that they are tuned together to overcome problems like traffic overload, network fluctuations, server drop-down, server crashes, etc. Multiple servers increase the processing power of the website rather than depending upon one server.

Additionally, to the above-mentioned concept, the website will not experience any downtimes as it is the case with the conventional type of hosting. Cloud server hosting is extremely beneficial as it does not restrict people to the limit of application and hardware. Also, one more benefit of using cheap cloud hosting is the reliability as it comes from the use of a group of servers rather than depending on one server. The major drawback of a conventional type of hosting is that the space is limited and that will result in slow down of your website. On the other hand, in cloud server hosting, you will not face any of these problems as users will get extra power and resources through the same. With this, you can easily and successfully run your business over the internet and enjoy non-stop connectivity. Cloud server hosting is ideally suitable for small, mid, and growing types of business websites.

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Some of the prominent features of cloud hosting are as follows:

Data redundancy:

It is one of the important features of cloud hosting as the hosting provider saves your data on multiple machines at a time. In that, if a single machine crashes or is unable to respond, you will be able to recall your data from other machines without losing anything. In that, the cloud will keep your data secure so at any moment you want, you can get it.


Cloud hosting is feasible in cost and compatible for high performance and working. Also, cloud hosting is very much affordable than conventional hosting services. In addition, an effective cloud server hosting efficiently covers load balancing and hardware up-gradations. Moreover, the best part of this service is that you’re not bound to pay any excess amount on a monthly or annual basis. You just have to pay the number of resources that you have used. This type of hosting solution is best for those we cannot predict the number of resources; they need to run their websites.

Technological compatibility:

In that, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) involves the principles of cloud hosting to provide hardware-based service to the clients. This includes disk storage along with virtual servers. Most of the leading sellers across the world use these IaaS services. In cloud hosting, the concept of a virtual server means that you can have multiple platforms in one single cloud. If you want to use ASP and PHP together then the cloud hosting server has the provision for the same on a single server.

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Backup and security:

It is basically used to manage commercially viable software and network to gain access. In the case of disaster management and data retrieval, the cloud server is capable of fixing it.

So there are several web hosting providers available in an online market from which you can choose anyone according to your requirements. I would recommend you to choose MilesWeb. The leading web hosting company was established in 2012. MilesWeb is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India. So instead of judging them from their infrastructure, try their services and then learn how best they are.

They provide stunning features and services such as unlimited hosting plans, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. at an affordable price. They provide all the above-mentioned services as fully managed. If you face any issue and you want technical assistance for the same, their technical support team is available 24/7 through via live chat and email. Particularly, for cloud hosting, they offer two different plans namely managed DigitalOcean and managed AWS cloud.

The benefits of managed DigitalOcean cloud are as follows:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Reduced resource cost
  • Improved security
  • Increase productivity

The benefits of managed AWS cloud are as follows:

  • AWS certified team
  • Time-saving
  • 24/7 available support
  • Server monitoring
  • Optimization and growth
  • Increased productivity

So if you do it right and smartly then cloud hosting is the best option for the small, medium, or growing business website.

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