Best Video Editing Software for Windows 10

best video editing software for windows 10

Editing is a vital part of video post-production. It is at this stage that the film is born. We will tell you about what video editing programs exist today. In this guide, we will show you the best video editing software for Windows 10. How they differ from each other and how to choose the right one for solving your problems

Although installation technologies have gone far ahead since the time of the Lumiere brothers 100 years, its principles and theory are still relevant. Therefore, before moving on to practice, do not be lazy to study the theory and read at least one good book on editing theory. Earlier, we published a selection of 10 time-tested books on video editing, which will give the necessary minimum of knowledge for work.

All-new editing programs are based on the same principle of nonlinear editing – you select the necessary clips, cut them, and put them in the required sequence. This is followed by the imposition of special effects, transitions from one frame to another, creation of titles, color correction, dubbing, and the imposition of musical accompaniment. Without exception, all new editing programs provide a full range of these essential functions. With the choice of a more professional program, you have at your disposal more scope for fine-tuning, some specialized tools, and increased convenience and speed of work.

Best Video Editing Software Programs for beginners

Suppose your editing is limited to trimming and compiling videos with an overlay of a third-party audio track (for example, to create a family video or a simple video blog for Youtube). Then you can quickly get by with the “built-in” tools of your operating system.

Photos (Free)

In Windows, this tool has long been a simple Windows Movie Maker. However, Microsoft recently discontinued support for it and moved its video editing functions to the default Photos app included with Windows 10. It can be used to compile videos, add music and titles, and apply some color grading filters and 3D effects.

iMovie (free)

OS X fans can take advantage of Apple’s application iMovie, looking like a simplified version of its “big brother» of Final Cut Pro the X. The program can boast of a friendly interface and high work speed on any actual “Mac.”

YouTube (free)

This includes the standard online video editor YouTube, which allows you to prepare your video for publication on this service without unnecessary problems and “troubles.”

These entry-level video editing software fully meets the needs of ordinary home users; they are free, straightforward to learn, and do not require extensive computer resources.

Programs for amateurs

If your interests have already gone beyond the entry-level and you need more opportunities to realize your creative potential, look to the amateur-level video editors. The main advantages are low demands on hardware and low price.

Lightworks (free)

Free feature-rich editor (available for Windows, macOS, and even Linux) is widely regarded as one of the best for the hobbyist. It allows you to work with the vast majority of media formats, supports multi-channel playback and collaboration on projects. The editor includes over a hundred free FX-effects and audio compositions that you can use in your videos. The only real disadvantage for novice users is the confusing interface and the lack of Russian-language localization.

VSDC Free Video Editor (Free)

Another free video editor with tremendous functionality, including work with “masks,” video stabilization, many built-in effects, and transitions. Pre-configured profiles allow you to automatically prepare videos for publication on popular social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo), adjusting to a specific format.

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A domestic complex of programs for video processing, which implements the entire basic set of editing functions. One of VIDEO STUDIO’s main advantages is a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to quickly master the program even for beginners.

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi is the best semi-professional video software tool By many users. In addition to the standard video editing functions, the editor allows you to work with a chroma key, add various filters, transitions and titles, capture video from any media, including DVD, CD, and VHS. For simple projects, you can use the automatic clip creation and automatic uploading to popular video hosting sites.

Video Editing Software: Programs for professionals

Perhaps the most crucial difference between professional and amateur programs is the support for timecodes and the ability to export EDL or XML files. The “raw” material of modern films and TV shows (whether it is a purely digital format or digitized film) is enormous. Working with it directly would puzzle even the most powerful processors and video cards. That is why during editing, the source material is converted into lighter formats, the so-called “proxy” (proxy) with the preservation of the source timecode. You can work with them without brakes and freezes. After finishing the work, the “proxies” are again linked to the source materials using EDL or XML, and you get the final result of good quality.

Avid Media Composer

One of the most popular professional software is. It was an Avid Media Composer that blockbusters such as Avatar (James Cameron, 2009), Iron Man ( Jon Favreau, 2008), and Transformers ( Michael Bay, 2007) were edited.

Among the main advantages are the speed and stability of work, the ability to edit very long sequences, and play the superimposed effects in real-time, regardless of splicing and preprocessing. Among the disadvantages, users note the complex interface and the need to convert the video material into its format, which somewhat slows down the preparatory stage of work.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This program is also very popular with “filmmakers” and provides the same complete functionality. Adobe Premiere Pro is less suited to work with computer animation and elaborate special effects. Still, in conjunction with After Effects, another product from the same company allows you to achieve excellent results in projects of any complexity.

The main advantages are the ability to work with any video formats and clips of different quality within one project, a huge number of specialized plugins, and easy integration with other Adobe products – After Effects for creating special effects and titles and Audition for working with sound. The main disadvantage is the large requirements for the computer, especially for the amount of RAM.

Final Cut from Apple

Another popular professional editing software for macOS. With her help, X-Men: The Beginning. The Wolverine” (Gavin Hood, 2009), “No Country for Old Men” ( Coen Brothers, 2008), “300 Spartans” ( Zach Snyder, 2007).

Since the initial release of Final Cut Pro X in 2011, Apple has consistently released major updates to add new features and improve stability. The latest version of Final Cut Pro X supports 360 ° video and VR video.

Sony Vegas Pro

Powerful professional video editing software that is popular with TV and series creators. Sony provides the in-house video editor with all innovative tools on time, but many users note the complexity of the interface and sometimes annoying instability.

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Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is less popular but provides a wide range of features nonetheless. The main advantage of both Pinnacle and Sony Vegas is modest hardware requirements, which allow for high-speed performance even on “weak” machines.

Large film studios (especially those specializing in the production of special effects) often use their software to sharpen specific tasks. For example, as in the case of “The Lord of the Rings “. The studio Weta Digital developed a special program “MASSIVE”, which is responsible for creating massive battle scenes.

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Almost all professional editing directors and editors share the opinion that all modern professional software provides a similar set of tools. The choice of a specific program for work is determined by the personal preferences and habits or desires of the producers who provide the working tools and the traditions of the post-production team used to work in a particular environment.

Services for online editing

Suppose you are editing a very simple home video. You can completely limit yourself to online editing services when you do not need to apply complex effects, transitions, and titles. As a rule, they are free, very simple, and contain the minimum of the most necessary functions to create a simple but high-quality video. Some services can even work in automatic mode. You were cutting a short clip from a large video overlaying some musical composition.

The best video editing software for Windows 10

Below we describe the top programs for editing videos on YouTube. They are all different: some have a clear Russian-language interface. Others are suitable for creating professional videos with special effects, and others are distinguished by extensive functionality.

adobe Premiere Pro

This program is only suitable for professionals – it is used to create animated cartoons. Wedding videos and feature films all over the world. If this is the first time, you see this program. It will be difficult for you to understand. You can work with “hotkeys,” which significantly saves time when editing a video. This is the kind of software in which you can do whatever you want with a video.

On the official website, you can download a free version of the program, which will be valid for a week.

SONY Vegas Pro

This is one of the professional video editing software. Manufacturers regularly release new features for advanced users, due to which you can improve your videos. The software supports all formats, including 4K.

This program is more suitable for professionals. Since it will be difficult for beginners to understand the interface, and not all users can master the English version. If you can’t figure it out on your own, find video tutorials on YouTube. Users can add an unlimited number of tracks when creating videos. Of course, plugins, hotkeys, and video screen capture are available.


Another program that is suitable for professional use. This editor was released over 25 years ago, and the following films were edited on it: “Pulp Fiction,” “The King,” “Heat.” Working in it, you can simultaneously interact with several tracks. The main advantages are that the program is completely in Russian. The software opens a video of any format.

The free version has limited permissions for downloading videos. And you can use it for only seven days. In order to use the program without restrictions, you need to buy a paid version for $ 25. But despite all the advantages, you either have to get used to the interface or use another editing program. Users note that all the tools are illogical and therefore take time to get used to. The disadvantages include the lack of video capture. But there are plugins.


Pinnacle studio

This program is suitable for people who work a lot with effects; you can add an unlimited number of tracks. The software has prepared about 2,000 effects (2D, 3D) and transitions. But in order for the program not to lag and freeze, it should be installed on a powerful computer. You can work with multiple videos at the same time and apply different enhancement tools. The editor opens videos of any format, including Ultra HD and VR 360.

Camtasia Studio

If you are creating educational tutorials for the audience, then this program is worth using. The main advantage is the ability to capture the computer screen.

The program features a large selection of formats for saving and a variety of effects. The software saves the finished video in any format – AVI, SWF, MOV, FLV, WMV.

Camtasia Studio is a free mount software. And what is equally important for users is a convenient and intuitive interface despite the fact that the software is completely in English. But it is suitable for work only for people with a powerful computer. If your PC is weak, then you will have to spend a lot of time on rendering.

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