Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

We sleep on average 7 hours and 47 minutes a day, which equals 118 days a year, almost a third of our time! Our bed is, therefore, something important, and the mattress is essential. The mattress industry, driven by a growing market and numerous innovations, offers a wide range of products. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about the best mattress for side sleepers.

Various choices and firmness levels, size, material, price, design, and after-sales service are available. Faced with such a vast offer, it isn’t easy to find your way around and make the best choice. We offer you the selection criteria in different categories. And then, we will suggest the best mattress for side sleepers for each type. You can then make your choice according to the criteria that interest you most, in line with your needs and preferences.

Each mattress we present to you has been tested according to our rigorous methods. And has been manufactured by companies selected by us.

Best mattress for side sleepers based on firmness

The level of firmness is an essential criterion when choosing a mattress. A mattress that is too soft will not support the spine well and cause back and neck pain. A mattress’s firmness is defined as the sensation you get when you first lie down or sit on it. Your choice will depend on your preferences, sleeping position, and morphology (height and weight).

Since mattress manufacturers rarely write down the firmness level of mattresses. We have established a firmness scale from 1 to 10 (1 = very soft, 10 = very firm), which will make your choice easier .

The best soft mattress: Best Mattress For Side SleepersThere are a large number of people who find a soft bed more comfortable than a harder one. A mattress can be both gentle and extra soft. Many mattresses nowadays have integrated sleeping areas. What does it mean? These sleeping areas regulate and control the way your body sinks into the mattress. Our recommendation for the best soft mattress is the Emma Original model.

The most balanced mattress

If you are looking for a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft, you will need somewhere in between. A balanced mattress is suitable for small and medium-sized people who do not like mattresses that are too hard or have back problems.

They are also suitable for heavy sleepers who want a soft and more flexible mattress but still want good quality and firmness for their health. Our recommendation for the most balanced mattresses is the Hypnia Supreme Wellness mattress. Hypnia mattresses are known for their quality and for being mattresses suitable for everyone.

The best firm mattress

A mattress’s firmness can vary and often depends on specific criteria, such as a person’s weight and height. Firm mattresses are generally preferred by heavier people, especially those who like to sleep on their stomachs or one side. For back sleepers, a firm mattress keeps the spine aligned without creating pain. In this case, our advice is a Tempur mattress, which has always been synonymous with quality.

Mattress for side sleepers based on size

Single or double mattress? Mattress for personal use, for your children, or as an extra mattress for a guest bedroom? The market offers different sizes in each of the categories. Top-rated is the single mattress, that of the standard size of 90×200 cm. Couples can choose between a 140×190 or 140×200 cm mattress. The choice naturally depends on the size of your bed, your preferences, and your budget . We will then help you determine the mattress size that best suits you.

Mattress 90×190 or 90×200 (1 person): Mattress For Side Sleepers

Of standard dimensions for single mattresses, ideal for an adult, a child, or a teenager, it is the 90×190 or 90×200 cm mattress, the most popular size on the market. Student accommodation, small room, guest room, this size is the most optimal. For a comfortable sleep in a small space or if you want to keep the living area as large as possible. Most bedding brands offer this standard size for one person. In this category, we recommend the Emma Original model from the Emma brand. If you opt instead for the combined mattress + spring base purchase, we recommend the Hypnia spring base and the Emma Select bed, both perfectly suited to memory foam mattresses. For more information on this topic, please visit our page dedicated to disc springs.

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Mattress 140×190 cm (2 persons, also suitable for 1 person)

Versatile mattress par excellence, its dimensions will be equally suitable for one person or a couple. Ideal for the sleeper who likes to get comfortable and sleep on the bed, it is also ideal for the couple who would not want a bulky double bed.

In this category, our preference goes to the Emma Original model, made of cold foam, a material that reduces the temperature and, therefore, the risk of sweating during sleep. We also like the 100% degradable natural latex mattress from the Kipling brand.

Mattress 160×200 cm – queen-size (2 persons, also suitable for 1 person)

Slightly more extensive than the previous mattress (a few centimeters can make a difference!), This 160×200 cm mattress is ideal for a couple, each of whom enjoys sufficient personal space in their own half of the bed. The Queen Size also allows you to accommodate a baby or small child occasionally. Even singles who move around a lot at night will appreciate its large size. This mattress is available in various high-quality materials such as latex, memory foam, polyether, and cold foam. Ikea has many beds of this size.

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Mattress 180×200 cm – King Size (2 people)

The second most common large mattress size after the 200x200cm model is the 180x200cm (or 180x190cm) model, also called King Size. They are designed for couples. Its generous size will allow each member of the team to enjoy their own personal space without disturbing their spouse, occasionally welcoming a baby, child, or even a pet for the night.

King Size mattresses are suitable for all types of people and are available in different materials: foam, latex, spring mattresses. A thickness of 15 cm is recommended (20 cm in the case of a spring mattress). As this type of mattress usually lasts for many years, we advise you to focus on quality rather than price . Mattress manufacturers understand that a large investment can put some people in trouble, and they regularly offer discounts of several hundred euros (to take advantage of current promotions, go to our dedicated page).

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Mattress 200x200cm – Emperor size (2 people)

After the Queen and then the King, make way for the Emperor! The Emperor Size mattress, also called King Size XL, has extra-large sizes. Designed for nights as a couple, it ensures each of its members a whole night’s rest, as this large square of 200×200 cm will allow the restless sleeper to wriggle in his sleep without disturbing his wife.

Similarly, a baby or child (or even a pet) who wants to spend the night with his parents can reach them without disturbing his movements. The Emperor Size mattress’s dimensions also make it the ideal bed for people with a large body. More than a bed, the Emperor Size is also a place to live.

Its spacious dimensions are the ideal place to enjoy a good movie with your loved one or with the family, to enjoy a moment of reading with friends while scattering books and magazines or to enjoy extra space even if alone. As with all mattresses, manufacturers regularly offer promotions on their products, particularly attractive for more extensive and more expensive mattresses. We invite you to periodically consult these offers on our page dedicated to the best promotions. In this category, our preference goes to Emma’s Original models.

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Best mattress for side sleeper according to the materials

Latex, springs, memory foam, gel, hybrid … The choice of materials for the composition of the mattresses is vast, and it can be challenging to choose. Each of these materials has its own advantages.

Here is a brief overview of the possibilities available to you.

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The best latex mattress: Best Mattress For Side Sleeper

Produced from the rubber tree sap, latex has a very high elasticity and is, therefore, a component of choice for mattresses. The natural latex guarantees a better quality of the mattress, which is reflected in the higher prices. Latex mattresses are biodegradable and enjoy the name “natural latex mattresses” as long as they are composed of at least 85% natural materials. On the other hand, synthetic latex consists of a small portion of natural latex to which chemical components have been added. These mattresses are less expensive but also less respectful of your health and the environment.

The main advantages of a latex mattress are, as we have seen, elasticity, which guarantees excellent ergonomics, longevity, which makes it a worthy investment, and adequate ventilation thanks to the cells that allow good air circulation. Much appreciated by people who sleep on the side for its elasticity, it is also appreciated by allergic people who benefit from its anti-allergic properties. Finally, couples will be delighted by the bed’s independence, which reduces the sensation of the other person’s movements. In this category of latex mattresses, we recommend the Kipli mattress produced in the USA by hand and to order. The summer side is firmer, while the winter side is more welcoming. With a total height of 22 cm, including the cover, the Kipling mattress is a mattress that respects nature and the sleeper.

The best spring mattress

Spring mattresses are available in 4 main categories depending on the type of springs, ranging from classic old-fashioned to pocket springs . The latter is to be preferred as they are independent of each other, allow different sleeping areas, and therefore support depending on the body’s parts. It is, therefore, a right choice for couples as well. The excellent air circulation between the springs ensures excellent ventilation, a technology appreciated by those who sweat while sleeping.

The strength of the springs also makes it a mattress of choice for people with a chubby body. Good to know: the more springs there are, the better the pressure distribution of the body and, therefore, the feeling of comfort. In this spring mattress category, we recommend the Hypnia Supreme wellness mattress. It is a very comfortable mattress that offers excellent support, thanks to its 7 comfort zones . You have a trial of 120 nights money back .

The best memory foam mattress

Considered the top of the range, memory foam mattresses adapt perfectly to the body. High quality means higher cost, but the durability of such a mattress advantageously compensates for the initial investment . The foam allows the absorption of all the body’s compression points and excellent support of the spine. Its enveloping effect offers a real feeling of comfort. Be careful, however, to avoid a too pronounced enveloping property that would limit air circulation and encourage perspiration: to avoid this risk. You should opt for a balanced mattress.

Our choice is the Emma Original mattress, a universal mattress that adapts to everyone in this category. Emma Original has 3 layers of foam, so it adjusts to all morphologies, ages, and sleeping positions. Of excellent quality (its coverage has an excellent finish), every single layer of Emma complies with the OEKO-Tex® standard 100 class 1, which corresponds to the highest level of OEKO-Tex® certification. The Emma mattress is, therefore, safe for your health.

The best gel mattress

Gel foam mattresses are THE new trend in the market . A distinction is made between pure gel mattresses (filled with a thick, heavy, and very expensive gel) and gel foam mattresses, a combination of gel and foam. There are also alternating layers of gel with, for example, a layer of springs.

Its excellent elasticity makes the gel foam mattress the ideal layer for people sleeping on the side. And also ensures a healthy alignment of the spine . The low transfer of motion is particularly suitable for restless sleep and sharing a bed with a partner. The permeability of the gel foam ensures excellent breathability to the mattress.

The best hybrid mattress

Combining two or more types of materials in one mattress creates a hybrid mattress that offers a much better sleep experience. The idea is to maximize the benefits of each technology while minimizing their drawbacks. It’s a strategy that pays off with sumptuous mattresses and real night’s sleep. Seven support zones run. Through this composition and relieve pressure points under the hips and shoulders. We consider it a particularly comfortable mattress for those who suffer from pain in various pressure points.

How to choose the right mattress for your bed: Mattress For Side Sleepers

There are dozens of mattress types to choose from, but which one is right for you? Selecting the correct mattress that will work best for your needs can be a complicated task. There are so many options on the market today and so many different technologies. That claim to be the best that choosing isn’t always easy. The question is, what’s right for you and your individual needs? Not all mattresses are built the same, and no one mattress fits everyone. Here is a practical guide we have made to help you choose the best mattress for side sleepers.


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