July 13, 2024

Best Employee Phone Tracking App for Android

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Cell phone devices are important technological creatures these days and in addition to that, we have become dependent on technology no time ever before. Therefore, we used to see plenty of mobile devices in the market in different shapes and models particularly running with the android operating system. More than 86% of the mobile devices are of android OS in the world, that’s why people are looking forward to tracking these devices for many different reasons.

Business organizations these days used to provide cellphones to their employees to use it in working hours to communicate with clients and with the colleagues as well. However, employers want to monitor these devices to know what exactly employees are doing in working hours on the business-owned devices.

How & Why to track employee’s android devices in working hours?

There are plenty of reasons behind tracking employee’s mobiles and particularly to know what they are doing on the cellphones connected to the internet. Employers want to read sent or received emails, incoming and outgoing calls, sharing of documents, social media activities, and how employees are dealing with clients working as customer care representatives.

No matter what reasons employers want to monitor employees’ company’s owned mobiles, but you need to get your hands on the best employee monitoring app for android. Now further you should have access to the cell phone tracker app to know the activities of employees on the digital devices. You just need to get access to such a tool that empowers you to get the job done.

Install mobile tracker software to track employee’s cellphones

If you want to do surveillance on employees android phones then you should get your hands on the phone tracker app. You can get your hands on the tool but you should use a cellphone browser connected to cyberspace. Once you have reached the web browser on your device then you need to perform a couple of steps.

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Subscribe for mobile tracker software for Android

Initially, you need to use the browser of your device and get access to the official webpage of the cell phone spy app and get the subscription online. In addition to that, check your email inbox instantly and get the credentials.

Get possession of the device for a little while

Now go and get your hands on the android device of your employees and start the process of installation. After you ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device. However, cell phone monitoring software for android will remain invisible even on the latest OS version 10.

Activate the online dashboard using credentials

It is the time to recall the credential that you have procured earlier at the time of subscription. Use the passcode and ID and activate the web control panel. Once you have got access then get access to the powerful features of the employees tracking app. Let’s get to know how you can use these powerful tools on employee’s cell phones and tablet devices.

Use employee mobile tracking software tools on Android

Live screen recording

You can get access to the electronic web portal and further you can activate the screen recorder app. it will instantly start recording and record short back to back videos and send the recording of the videos to the web portal. Employers can watch live recorded videos and get to know what employees are up to on their mobiles in working hours.

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Call recording

Now you can record and listen to call incoming and outgoing calls of your employees on business owned cellphone devices running with Android operating systems. You can get to know how your customer service representatives behave with the clients. You can save the recording of the live call to the dashboard.

Text messages monitoring

You can read the text messaging activities of employees on the company’s owned devices with a time stamp. Further, you can read SMS and MMS sent received with a time stamp.

Email tracking

Employers can read and examine all the sent or received an email on business android devices and you can further check the attachments, spams emails, trash, inbox, sent, and many others alike.


Cell phone tracker app is the best employee tracking software for android that keeps you updated about employees’ activities.

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