June 15, 2024

Benefits of Using Proximity Cards in Access Control

Using Proximity Cards

It is time to show your client the benefits of proximity access controlby using using proximity cards . Opening a door with anything other than a metal key was once unimaginable, but today electronic keys have become standard in business facilities. Countries around the world are currently adapting to proximity smart card technologies as a new standard for security, as well as for transportation and identity management systems. In this blog, you will know Benefits of Using Proximity Cards in Access Control.

Proximity cards, also called prox cards, have become increasingly more common, and most people are now familiar with how to use this type of credential. Experts project the increase of proximity-based credentials for multiple uses in the coming years to be as common as current metal keys..

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing proximity cards and systems for your business:

  1. Low cost: The average cost of a proximity card ranges from $1.50 to $3.50 per card, depending on the features and security needed. Proximity card door readers are also cost-effective, and there are many different manufacturers to choose from. If your facility has a lot of separate spaces, proximity card technology won’t take up most of your budget to help you secure these rooms.
  2. Administration: Proximity cards can be easily managed via a central system, so in case of loss you can easily deactivate one card and register another, rather than having to retool locks and reissue metal keys to everyone.
  3. Portability: Being the size of a credit card, they are easily portable. Proximity cards also easily attach to keyrings. Portability is one of the important factors in modern access control systems, as it makes it easier for people to use them.
  4. Durability: The cards have a lifetime greater than 1,000,000 readings, which means they last a long time before needing maintenance or replacement. Users can scan their card as often as they like without worrying about breaking it or wearing down the hardware.
  5. Additional security features: While basic proximity cards can be easily copied or compromised, there are more secure options available. Encrypted key cards offer better data protection, and can be used with smart locks for secure, convenient entry to offices and commercial buildings.
  6. Multiple doors, one key: Instead of needing a different key for each entry, proximity cards can be programmed to unlock multiple entries. This technology is also not limited to just doors; prox cards can also be used to activate turnstiles, elevators, and parking gates.
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In conclusion, the technology for this innovative “key” offers many possibilities according to the client’s needs, from residential applications, commercial office buildings, to government use cases. Not only are they safe, they are also very inexpensive so they are a great solution for your commercial facility access system.

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