All You Need is The Correct Print Technique


All You Need is The Correct Print Technique


Printing is essential for bringing products from several industries to their customers, and these industries range from lifestyle to pharmaceuticals and other medicinal fields. Even though digital information has made life interesting and completely altered the minds of the reading public, print still experiences a healthy demand. If one considers homes, then paperback novels and magazines are still popular.

Commercial printing in the print industry

When artwork is transferred to a card or piece of paper, it is known as a commercial print. As printing company services, these prints are used for different types of products, including:

  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Invitations

Types of commercial printing

The purpose of one type of commercial print is quite different from another. Find out more about the prints here:


  • Digital- Does your business look for customizations and short runs? If yes, then digital print is the best printing solution for your company. Not only does it offer a huge variety of creative options, but it is also cost-effective since no postage costs are involved. Newsletters, banners, menus, point-of-sale items and other customizable products can be printed through this printing type.
  • LED UV- It is the best print to create an impactful first impression. Print quality due to LED UV technology is very vivid and sharp, on uncoated stock materials as well. The unique UV curing drying technique ensures rapid turnaround times while producing the highest quality amongst commercial prints. Since it operates on lesser power than normal print drying technology, it is also very eco friendly.


  1. Large format- Does your business need large graphics to be printed? If your answer is in the affirmative, this printing technique is perfectly suited to do the above. Print materials that cannot be printed on any other commercial size due to their huge size are printed here. Several businesses make use of large format print materials to hand on the wall like a banner. Such material may even be used to stand freely. Large format prints can be used for pop-up displays, floor graphics, external vinyl banners, signages, exhibition graphics, and more.
  2. Offset Lithography- A printing plate has an image of the content to be printed, and once the image is inked, it is offset across different surfaces to the printing surface. Through this technique, just about any flat surface can get a print. Offset lithography helps print posters, books, stationery, and newspapers.
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How to get a suitable printing company

Certain printing intermediaries between your company and printing companies across the world help you get the best print quotes. The quality of print varies a bit among the print companies shortlisted for you. All shortlisted printing firms bid for your project, based on which you can choose the most suitable one. However, do remember that high quality is just as important as price, and the company that provides best balance of the two must always be chosen.

Another great character of this bidding process is that you will not have to pay to receive the print quote. Printing companies pay to get memberships from their intermediaries. Thus, you will certainly end up paying a very reasonable rate.

Selection of shortlisted print companies

Careful selection ensures that intermediaries always select the most suitable printing companies for specific print jobs. It is important for the selected companies to be able to provide satisfactory business to the customer for a long period of time. Such printing companies do not always have to be large firms. They can be small or medium sized as well, and still cater to large companies. It is mainly the vision and quality of work that count more than size of the organization.

Examples of fun prints

Let’s say you like your car a lot and are looking to give it something that will really give it an amazing look. For this purpose, you could obtain a vehicle wrap from a reputed printing intermediary. A large graphic or vinyl, when applied to a vehicle’s paint can bring about a total change in its look. You may even find it hard to recognize your own car once wrapped!

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If you are interested to provide yourself or another client with post-it notes, these can also be printed at reputed companies. Post-it notes are invaluable these days, as they help keep track of the variety of tasks that need to be done on a single day. What most people love out post-it notes is that they can easily be stuck onto any surface.

Similar to wraps and post-it notes, there are other items that can be printed through companies. These could include the following:

Repeat business is very important for the printing industry. Professionals in printing companies look to get prints in good quality within the very first attempt, to make a positive impression.


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