A Look At Valdomiro Minoru Dondo As A Person – A Closer Look At the “King of Angola”

Valdomiro Minoru Dondo

As an individual who has contributed one of the most substantial and viable investments in Angola, Valdomiro Minoru Dondo has been committed to creating sustainable infrastructure in the country by investing in key economic sectors. The King of Angola popularly known as VMD has for almost four decades supported businesses that create livelihood and improve the economic wellbeing of the Angolan people through attracting direct foreign investments (FDI) primarily out of Brazil and other parts of the world into Angola. The King of Angola has laid out a vision that is creating a complete Paradigm shift in how economies can grow despite the usual challenges of developing countries.

Resource rich Angola, a country that has suffered the brunt of civil war that lasted over two decades has been on a path of recovery through political and economic reform. Despite the commitments of political leaders and the will to bring prosperity to the Angolan people, the risk adversity nature of global business organizations brings with it challenges that not only stem the flow of investment but also creates a unique business environment that many times can be misunderstood in the mainstream conventional business world. A larger percentage of the Angolan people currently live under the poverty line primarily because there are very few business organizations that take the necessary risk to invest in this resource rich country Angola. The VMD Group, a brainchild and enterprise owned and managed by Valdomiro Minoru Dondo has taken the necessary risks through massive investments and created well over five thousand professional jobs and possibly another three thousand artisan opportunities that stem from the VMD Group operations.

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Foreign Investment into Angola is typically directed towards investments in the country’s oil and diamond industries. Despite this, the VMD Group under the leadership of Valdomiro Minoru Dondo has directed investment in Healthcare, Construction, Urban and Rural Transportation, and Agriculture/food supply markets. The VMD Group has been a major driver of economic progress in Angola, giving the citizens an opportunity to own their own economic destiny and gradually grow to become a reckoning factor in exports of industrial and agricultural products.

Mr. Minoru admits that the dedication of all the individuals who work at The VMD Group is what creates the necessary paradigm shift in the country’s economy. It is clear however that he has created a clear vision for the VMD group and he is personally committed and dedicated to see it through. VMD has played a major role in facilitating initiatives of high-profile events such as the Miss Angola competition, Brazilian Days, and introducing several popular daytime Brazilian soap operas. These social cultural activities have united and reinforced the historic existence of the Brazilian and Angolan cultures.

Mr. Minoru, a humble philanthropist is also committed to charitable groups, contributing to nonprofit organizations, such as “Group of Friends for Angola”, “Project Health Has Come”, and “Dondos Students in Free Enterprise” an organization that mentors and supports many young Angolan entrepreneurs. The King Of Angola Mr. Minoru’s dedication and commitment continues to yield high impact results in the course of Angola’s economic growth and the world is only beginning to witness that a selfless approach to enterprise can have massive growth and result in the wellbeing of humanity as a whole.

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