A handy tool to become more effective in your day-to-day routine

handy tool to become effective

While you might expect this article to introduce a specific type of tool, you might be surprised. Improving your productivity is an important element of a professional person’s life. How to make sure you can be productive and have more time available throughout the day. Being productive is as much about stress as it is about working focused and hard. Stress can be an important blocker for people to come to the point where they want to be. How to improve this element? Readout below to know about the handy tool to become more effective in your day-to-day routine.

Help from an unexpected area

While there are many tools out there that increased productivity, ranging from apps to trainings and meditation, there are also supplements you can consider. One of the most interesting to consider is CBD. To my surprise, this is a product that is derived from the cannabis plant. Mostly known for its cannabis products such as weed and hash, it does not have the best reputation for a productivity gainer. However, CBD is truly something different.

What sets CBD apart?

Weed and hash have the active substance THC as part of their components. This is a psychoactive substance that influences your behavior. It limits your effectiveness, although for some it can result in increased focus and productivity. The downside? This normally only holds for a short period. The productivity and focus can be accounted for by the other components present in cannabis.

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This resulted in researchers looking for ways to extract the working components without including THC. The product that came out of that is cannabis oil, known as CBD. This product can be consumed on a day-to-day basis, without compromising on your daily activities. The complete opposite, allowing you to work hard and focused with limited effects of stress. Especially for professionals and knowledge workers, this can come as a true helper to work smarter and better.

How is CBD oil produced?

How did the researcher be able to create the CBD oil? This is done using an innovative way of extracting the oil from cannabis using chemicals. The cannabis plant is added to chemicals, which allows for the extraction of the working components. Next, the chemicals are filtered out resulting in the oil in a consumable format.

Advanced CO2 extraction

The chemical extraction process is the most common option. Over time, CBD has been extracted in more advanced methods. A good example is an extraction using CO2. By using CO2, there are no chemicals added resulting in a pure product. The result is a more expensive, but also higher quality product.

How it can help

CBD can help you to be more effective and focused during work. Besides that, it can suit a broad range of use cases. For example, it is also used for people who are combatting sleeplessness and ADHD. For them, this is a perfect product, as it helps them to continue with their daily routine without compromising on their quality of life.

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