A Deep Insight Into Marketing Technology

A Deep Insight Into Marketing Technology

The basics of marketing involve the selling of goods and services to the right target market. Marketing itself is an avast subject divided into multiple layers, comprising of product marketing, service marketing, marketing management, strategic marketing, and digital marketing. Other than the basic 4 Ps of marketing, product, price, place and promotion, packaging, design, and people are also involved in the service industry.

Devising relevant marketing campaigns based on the perfect audience with discreet selection on psychographics, needs, social status, and preferences, it is also vital to understand the role of technology involved in this whole process. IT is a big area to explore, ranging from cells to mobile phones, software to big machines, every aspect is incorporated with the use of information and technology. Human lives are completely dependent on these gadgets and marketers are assisting the producers by excessive marketing of such types of equipment.

Role of a Marketing Technologist

A marketer can devise great strategies but to successfully implement it on the digital platforms, a digital expert is required, which can be a tech person as well, or can be called a marketing technologist. The key role of a marketing technologist is to help markers create user-friendly, and creative online campaigns that can reach the masses while increasing an organization’s profits. In this digital world, agencies can not operate without these two professionals. A technologist’s specialization is not solely limited to technology as well but also involves interpretation of data, whether it be customer data insights. This plays a vital role in a marketing agency as whole marketing campaigns are dependent on those insights. Here, the role of a marketing technologist arises, a person who knows both subjects. This builds a bridge between two distinct departments that can collaborate to achieve greater goals.


Role of a Marketing Technologist in a Digital Agency

An advertising agency can fully support the job of a marketing technologist within its organizational culture to enhance results. For instance, in a digital agency, employers hire SEO personnel to give a boost to their websites. SEO experts are well-acquainted with the online customer interface, the problems they face and the steps they prefer while visiting a website. They then convey the relevant details to the marketing team, who then plan strategies accordingly. Similarly, in the social world, the designers are the ones who can affiliate with consumer’s perceptions, think, design and market their idea to engage more people. These tasks require marketing and tech know-how side by side.

Role of a Marketing Technologist in a Real Estate Industry

In a real-estate business, where the main role is of a marketer, a salesperson or a business developer, marketing technologists can help drive increased sales online by studying the characteristics of clients. Property buyers, or home lovers, always aim to construct or shift at a place where they can quench their thirst while fulfilling their dreams. Hence, targeting the specific audience not only requires deep profiling but also the use of online technology to persuade people to buy houses from a specific real estate agency. Thus, increasing the demand of digital marketers for the real estate industry.

The involvement of marketers in any business organization is vital. However, increasing the number of people involved in a decision-making process, increase the number of challenges faced. This makes the decision making more complex as more are involved in suggesting new ideas related to their subject area. Thus, this process requires proper governance and the implementation of strategies. Centralized and quick decision-makers require a more transparent, easy and direct system that can link to the relevant departments, here the marketing technologists can put some light to enhance intra-business operations.

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Importance of Marketing Technology

Industries are transforming, more are becoming digital and independent. The digital world requires digital professionals which technological operative knowledge. This highlights the fact that companies are ensuring marketing and technology-friendly culture for business development and growth. Many FMCGs have gone digital and B2B companies are also considering to market via digital media and use social ads for driving sales.

Furthermore, considering the example of the real estate industry, even the buying and selling of houses have gone digital with the aid of virtual reality and digital media. Real estate agencies can now set up their properties for sale on social media which can reach the right buyer in no time with a profitable deal for both sides. This has become easy, not particularly of the real estate agencies only but also for the customers as well. They can buy or upload a house for sale via digital media. Hence, emphasizing the importance of marketing technologist and digital experts. Improvising the role fo real estate digital marketers.

It can be concluded that the role of digital marketers or marketing technologists is emerging for all industries. This great demand will create numerous job opportunities for all tech lovers along with a ray of sunshine to all businesses that are solely dependent on marketing departments for annual sales. Marketing departments need to research more on innovation and develop compelling strategies that will help businesses create a distinctive edge in the competitive business industry.

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