7 PPC tools you should use in 2020


7 PPC tools you should use in 2020

Time has been changed a lot. All of these changes happen due to advanced science and technology. There are vast differences in technology of past and present years. Tasks, as well as tools to perform all those tasks, are generated for simplification of our works.

With innovations and innovative tools, the time has upgraded to the next level crossing the previous one. This has made it possible to overcome with competitors. It is not sure you cannot do anything without advanced tools, but the whole world is evolving every second, and you have to adapt and match every innovation.

In this 2020 competition is high. So you must have some best backup tools to compete with other business companies. Through this, you can grow your business smoothly. Here are some of the advanced tools that should be used in 2020, which is beneficial for the development of any business.

  1. Google Ads Editor

It is the application that can be downloaded free from Google that is used in managing your Google Ads campaign. It is an offline application; if needed, you can make any changes and upload them to Google ads without an internet connection. You can edit on the draft and upload it whenever required. For the regular user of the Google Ads campaign, it would be the best tool. It saves your time because it is quicker compare to others and make it reliable in the bulk edition. You can quickly move every item between ad campaigns. It is best and fast too.

  1. Bing Ads Editor

It is an essential tool if someone is using bing as your PPC advertising. To import your data into the editor, you get data with the help of Google. Progress status of every information, review blocks can be checked, edited, and changed the data. By using Bing Ads Editor, you can save valuable time, improve every performance of PPC marketing campaigns. Multiple ads accounts could be managed at the same time only due to the use of Bing Ads editor.

  1. WordStream Advisor
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It is vital, too, designed for ad campaign management. It is intended mainly to focus on small and medium-sized businesses, which are with a weak result. It usually manages a variety of channels like Facebook, AdWords, Bing, etc. Due to which it would be easy to manage campaigns with minimum budget. It also improves quality scores and helps in researching suitable and preferable keywords. In case of problems with keywords, it also picks out negative keywords. So better to prefer WordStream too in 2020.

  1. Ahrefs

We can fully trust this tool that is used for keyword research and site analysis. This paid tool provides almost every possible and important keywords, website, and more. Your keywords play a vital role in the success of your PPC advertising. In the dashboard of Ahrefs, where it is possible to see every relevant information on the website. It could be seen from the total number of backlinks, organic keywords, traffic values, and so on. It is quite an expensive tool but better to invest in the best.

  1. AdEspresso

It is also an excellent advertising tool that looks after Facebook, Instagram, Google ads campaign. It was invented to speed up the editing process whenever a campaign is in a rush and with higher responsibility. Due to this, you can utilize must time and implement that time in improving the campaign performance.

  1. Optmyzr

We can trust o this tool because it is one of the award-winning PPC tools that is maximumly used by PPC experts. It supports both Bing and Google Ads campaign and also optimizes the ads by using machine learning. It mostly used by larger marketing agencies that run multiple PPC campaigns because it provides more advanced tools to run ad campaigns quickly and smoothly. It is generally known as one-click optimization that offers lots of ideas on improving the quality of your campaigns. This will help in growing your business. It has a specific feature of AdWords quality score tracker, Google Analytics reporting, landing page analysis, Bing Ads Optimization, and A/B testing. I highly recommend this, too also in 2020.

  1. Google Ads performance grader
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It is also a free PPC advertising tool that was introduced by Wordstream to examine the ad performance and to know the issues and problems. We can get a grade based on their performance on different factors like quality score, ranking, impression, click-through-rates, landing page optimization, and many more.

It was first created to help every advertiser to audit and analyze their Google Ads campaigns. There I more additional features and functions in the latest updated Google Ads Grader. It has features like a performance tracker, which is useful in getting knowledge about every task and the results of the campaign. Mobile readiness score and improved benchmarks are other features that are useful in developing every kind of business.


All these tools are handy in 2020. So I highly recommend all these PPC tools to every large and small industry in PPC services. Be aware that you cannot win the war without troops and weapons. So, al above means is like your troops and evidence that is used in business advancement. You can be popular all over the world only by growing your brand and business, which is possible only through the use of highly useful and innovative tools. Better to apply all these tools if you are running PPC advertisements in this 21st century.

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