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7 key points to write a good essay

7 tips to write an essay

If we specify a little more, an essay is a text in which an author of the same exposes and develops his ideas , both objective and subjective. This type of story has an introduction, development and conclusion that consider a topic from a particular perspective. This literary genre is highly required by university teachers when proposing an academic work , therefore, it is essential that students know how to implement it properly.

7 key points to write a good essay

7 key points to write a good essay | Source: Istock
It is very common that when writing an essay all the ideas we had disappear and the mind goes blank starting to haunt our head the most common question in these cases, how do you write an essay?

The first thing to be clear about in order to write an essay is the structure, but not only that, since there are also other factors that influence its quality that, throughout this post, we will try to cover.

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Structure of an essay

We can define an essay in three parts according to its structure: introduction, development and conclusion, but what should each one contain?

Introduction : This part should account for approximately 10% of the length of the essay and should perfectly summarize the topic that the author will cover throughout the essay. In the introduction, the argumentative line that will be carried out in the rest of the essay will be reflected.

Development :

It is the central part of the essay and, therefore, the one that should occupy the most extension, specifically around 80%. In this part, the author will present his ideas and arguments, citing other authors, magazines or reference books on the chosen topic. The main ideas and arguments that position the author on this topic will be presented. It is important that all the explanations are related to each other and are well cohesive.

Conclusion :

The remaining 10% of the trial length corresponds to the conclusion. In this part, the author must summarize the most important ideas of all the text that he has written previously. What’s more, you should highlight the ideas that help you position yourself, so you can easily know the author’s position.

Steps to do an essay
Once the structure is clear, there are a number of tips that will help you improve your ideas and, ultimately, to better conduct an essay. Take note of the six tips that we give you below:

1. Think about the theme of your essay

However organized the structure of the essay may be, it is necessary that the topic in question be of great relevance. Addresses current issues and writes with the target audience in mind. Check the local media and learn about the issues on the table.

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2. Research as much as you can about the topic you are going to discuss

Find reliable sources from which to draw information for your essay. Surely in the library of your neighborhood or city they can help you find the documentation you need. In case you prefer to search the information on the internet, make sure if your teacher is for or against using Wikipedia as a source.

3. Study other essays already written on the topic you have chosen

Find essays written by professionals that deal with the topic you plan to develop and learn about styles, typologies, content …

4. Don’t cover too many points

The essay is not intended to exhaust all the possibilities of a topic, but focuses only on a part of it. Avoid writing paragraphs and paragraphs of other aspects of the topic at hand.

5. Use short sentences

This will give dynamism to the text and keep the reader’s attention. It is a way to avoid boring your audience and that the ideas are concrete.

6. Includes reflections

As objective as your essay may be, it is recommended that after the conclusion you include a paragraph that stimulates reflection and tries to change the reader’s perspective on the subject.

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