July 14, 2024

5 Best Cable Internet Providers In 2020

Cable Internet Providers In 2020

Looking for a new internet service provider, but know you don’t have fiber internet where you live? Cable internet providers in 2020 is a great alternative to many households. Cable TV provides adequate internet speeds for nearly every family. Whether you’re a casual web surfer or work from home, cable internet will get the job done. Here are our top 5 cable internet providers available in the United States. If you find a cable provider you like on the list, check to see if they have availability at your address.


Spectrum is one of the more well-known and widely available internet providers that have made our list. They’re great if you’re looking for a cable internet solution that doesn’t have many surprise add-on fees tacked onto your bill every month. You’ll get a free modem, antivirus software, access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots and other perks. We’ve rated Spectrum first on our list because Spectrum lets you use your internet freely without data caps, overage charges, speed throttling or shutting you off. Plus if you decide to, you can get internet, TV, home phone and mobile phone needs satisfied in one monthly bill.

Spectrum Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Internet$49.99/Mo.100 Mbps
Internet Ultra$69.99/Mo.400 Mbps
Internet Gig$109.99/Mo.940 Mbps


Xfinity is the largest cable internet provider in the United States with some of the fastest internet speeds available for cable internet. We’ve rated Xfinity second on our list because although they have a very extensive network, their plans are not simple or easy to understand. Plans, prices and speeds can vary greatly by location and they all come with a data cap except the highest 2000 Mbps tier which is very hard to get. The data allowance is very generous for capped plans, however if your family has a power user, it is something to keep in mind before making the switch.

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Xfinity Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Up To 15 Mbps Internet$49.99/Mo.15 Mbps
Up To 100 Mbps Internet$39.99/Mo.100 Mbps
Up To 200 Mbps Internet$54.99/Mo.200 Mbps
Up To 300 Mbps Internet$59.99/Mo.300 Mbps
Up To 600 Mbps Internet$69.99/Mo.600 Mbps
Up To 1000 Mbps Internet$79.99/Mo.1000 Mbps
Up To 2000 Mbps Internet$299.95/Mo.2000 Mbps


Optimum is an underrated internet provider that deserves more attention. All their plans come with speeds that are fairly future proof and you get the added perk of super cheap mobile phone service exclusive to Optimum customers. We’ve rated Optimum third on our list because they’re an excellent choice for a cable internet provider if you have them available. Unfortunately their coverage map is very limited compared to large internet providers.

Optimum Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Optimum 300$40/Mo.300 Mbps
Optimum 500$65/Mo.500 Mbps
Optimum 1 Gig$75/Mo.940 Mbps


WOW or Wide Open West internet has great internet plans for families that are on a budget, but also love to stream their TV service or game regularly. WOW! does have no contract internet plans available if you ask for it, but they also will cost you a little bit more money to be able to cancel at any time. If that’s something that’s important to your family, it’s there. We’ve rated WOW! fourth on our list because their availability is limited to the Midwest and small areas in the south. However, they’re still a great choice and with their mid-range plans you’ll get a good bang for your buck.

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WOW! Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Internet Speeds Up To 100 Mbps$34.99/Mo.100 Mbps
Internet Speeds Up To 200 Mbps$39.99/Mo.200 Mbps
Internet Speeds Up To 500 Mbps$49.99/Mo.500 Mbps
Internet Speeds Up To 1 Gig$69.99/Mo.1000 Mbps

5.Cox Communications

Cox Communications has a lot of extras that anyone can enjoy like free online storage, web mail, security suite and 24/7 technical support. If you’re unsure of how much speed your family truly needs, Cox can be a good choice because they have many internet plans to choose from covering a wide range of users. We’ve rated Cox Communications fifth on our list because all of their plans have capped data and they will throttle or even suspend your service if you don’t contact them to upgrade your plan before the next billing cycle.

Cox Internet PlansMonthly PriceDownload Speeds
Cox Internet Starter 10$29.99/Mo.10 Mbps
StraightUp Internet$50.00/Mo.25 Mbps
Cox Internet Essential 50$39.99/Mo.50 Mbps
Cox Internet Preferred 150$59.99/Mo.150 Mbps
Cox Internet Ultimate 500$79.99/Mo.500 Mbps
Gigablast$99.99/Mo.940 Mbps


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