June 14, 2024

4 Secrets About Lead Generation & SEO That Most Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Lead Generation

The owners of LeadsForward, a top provider of contractor lead generation services, know the value of expert search engine optimization. Without applying SEO techniques, even the most presentable website can languish online, getting little to no web traffic.

However, most business owners know very little about SEO and how it works to increase visitors to a site. Additionally, many business owners fail to realize that the wrong SEO techniques can actually hurt a website’s conversion rate! This refers to the number of visitors that convert or turn into actual customers or clients.

A high search engine ranking and conversion rate is vital for any business relying on a website to get clients. To avoid low rankings and poor conversions, check out four secrets that some SEO providers don’t want you to know! The owners of LeadsForward are also happy to explain how SEO and lead generation services can help your business grow.

1. Some content is for search engines, not people!

Typically, when a business owner hires a company to supply SEO services, they want their website found when people search for their services. Content is a vital part of these SEO services; more content often makes your site look legitimate to Google and other search engines.

However, some SEO service providers create content that is friendly to search engines but not necessarily to people. For instance, an SEO services provider might stuff your site with poorly written or even duplicated blogs and pages that don’t appeal to visitors.

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In turn, those visitors not only won’t convert to clients but might simply click away from your site. On the other hand, high-quality content produced for people, not search engines, engages those visitors and increases your conversion rate.

2. Not all inbound links are alike

Inbound links, or links to your site from elsewhere online, typically increase your website’s search engine ranking. They also bring visitors to your site from those other pages online. That being said, not all inbound links are alike or even increase visitors and search engine rankings.

One reason for this is that some SEO service providers simply buy links on other pages. In turn, there is no guarantee that anyone will click through that link to visit your site. Also, links on low-quality sites do little to increase your search engine ranking.

With this in mind, business owners might wonder how an SEO services provider ensures high-quality inbound links. The owners of LeadsForward point out that an SEO company should build links organically, typically with guest blogs on other sites and social media posts. These legitimate links then increase both visitors and your overall conversion rate.

3. Not all SEO focuses on user intent

When creating content and applying other SEO techniques, it’s vital that you consider user intent. This refers to the intent of a visitor to your site. For instance, someone searching “power washing price quote” is obviously looking to hire a contractor. On the other hand, someone searching “power washing equipment near me” is probably looking to buy their own tools rather than hiring a pro.

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One reason a site might not enjoy a high conversion rate is that a low-quality SEO services provider isn’t concentrating on user intent. In turn, they might add ineffective keywords to your site’s overall content or fail to include targeted keywords.

The owners of LeadsForward note that this is especially vital for contractors, freelancers, anyone self-employed, and small business owners. Wasting time with the wrong visitors to a site makes running your own business even more difficult! Employing keywords that focus on user intent ensures quality visitors that are more likely to convert to clients, for a better return on your SEO investment.

4. SEO means nothing if your site isn’t mobile-friendly

According to some studies, 52.2% of web traffic used their mobile phones to search the internet in 2019. In turn, if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re sure to miss out on some potential clients. After all, a website visitor isn’t likely to stay on your site if they can’t navigate it easily!

Unfortunately, some SEO service providers and site builders don’t check if sites are mobile-friendly. They might fail to break up content into usable headers and short paragraphs or lose vital contact information in an unsightly background.

Additionally, some lead generation and SEO service providers might not take advantage of features created specifically for mobile phones. These include phone number links that automatically open a user’s dial pad or autofill for a contact form.

All these points are why it’s vital to hire an experienced, dedicated SEO services provider. Also, business owners should choose a company that specializes in content for their industry, to ensure quality services. In turn, you’re sure to enjoy excellent search engine rankings and an outstanding conversion rate for a tremendous return on your SEO investment.

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