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20 tips and tricks that will make your student life easier

20 tips and tricks that will make your student life easier

We offer you the 20 best tips and tricks for The Sims 4 Days of University , so that you face the years of university student with total guarantee.

If we have already given you many tricks for The Sims 4 Days of University , now we are going to focus on many others that will make your university life much easier. We are going to help you make the best decisions in The Sims 4 Days of University , so you can study the career you want and thus be able to dedicate yourself to it in the virtual future.

Through these tricks for The Sims 4 Days of University you will be able to anticipate the important decisions that you will find during your university stage to always make the best decision.

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The Sims 4 Days of University: 20 tips and tricks that will make your student life easier

Prepare for the application process

t is not as easy as choosing the university you want to go to. You must prepare your sim in advance and for this you need to have a series of key skills. Look at the requirements of the university or subject, and enhance the character’s abilities first.

The Sims 4 Days of University

Ask for a scholarship

You will have a greater chance of receiving one or more scholarships depending on your sim’s previous life: if you have previously collaborated in a series of actions for society, or if he is too poor, etc … Try to apply for all the scholarships you can.

Letters of acceptance or rejection

When you receive an acceptance letter it will appear in your inventory, and you will know where you have been accepted. You have a specific period of time to accept or reject them.

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Choose between two universities

Britechester is the university of the arts while Foxbury is related to technology and science. Both have the same courses, but they will have certain classes and distinguished careers in their specialties and you should choose one or the other depending on what you want your sim to be dedicated to. If you are not accepted in the subject that you have previously applied, you can always take the related one from the opposite school.

The Sims 4 Days of University
According to most users, Briechester usually ends up being the best option both in terms of possibilities and design, although the choice is yours.

Make your life easier

Once you have been in the university for a few days, you can start buying different items for it so that you can live better, especially to include in the room.

Go for the classes!

It is recommended to select up to four classes. This will allow you to study, gain level with the sim and have free time for other activities.

Discussion and research skills

They will allow you to do your tasks much faster than other sims, giving you more time for the character to do other things and become more intelligent and valuable.

The Sims 4 Days of University
The bedrooms
The bedrooms will be next to other sims, and you may not be interested in this aspect. You can remove the other sim from your bedroom if you consider it appropriate.

Make the bedroom as satisfying as possible

Do not be afraid to grant them comforts because in the end you will end up needing them. You must make your sim happy, so that it is as healthy as possible to pass the exams and also to do other activities.

Organize your schedules well

It is important that you organize the schedules well within the university. You should be clear about when classes start and end, the extra activities you should do, and the time spent spending with friends and making the bedroom better.

The last hours are not good counselors

Don’t leave homework until the last moment. It is likely that your sim may have some unexpected problem during that afternoon that you planned to do your homework, and finally you cannot finish them.

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Meet other colleagues


The Sims 4 Days of University
Locking yourself up in the bedroom just to do your homework on time and study hard is critical, but you should also network with other sims because that will enhance your social relationships and allow you to achieve more and more extracurricular tasks.

Attend classes

When it is time to go to class your sim will automatically try to go to it, but be careful not to cancel the action by carelessness and miss the class. It is recommended that, depending on the schedule, you stay near the class a few minutes before it begins.

Don’t miss robotics or art discussions and meetings

It will allow you to meet other characters, and if you have a good relationship they will visit your rooms. It is also important that you make good contacts.

Confirm how you are doing in each of the subjects
It is recommended that you regularly see how you are doing it right or wrong in the subjects. If you see that you are weaker in some, focus on those characteristics that you should improve.

What affects your bottom line
The Sims 4 Days of University
Each subject requires the delivery of a paper, the final exam and total performance throughout the course. This will give you a note.

Take care of your sim

It is related to all the elements that you can include in the bedroom, but also in hygiene and food. And that if you have poor hygiene or diet, you will perform less in studies and get worse grades.

Run away from monotony

Sometimes it is tremendously boring to go from one place to another on campus to perform all the actions, over and over again. When you have a shortcut to go to one area or another, use it even if it is less realistic.

Don’t get obsessed with the end result of the notes
The worst thing you can do is start over after having done all the way previously. It is almost impossible to get the maximum marks unless you are tremendously attentive to everything your sim does 24 hours. Try to do things more naturally and get some notes that would be closer to a normal person.

With this you already have the best tricks to prosper properly in The Sims 4 Days of University . If you’ve been wanting more, you can also dive into the 20 best mods for The Sims 4 and the best mods for May , June , July and October .

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