11Incredibly Simple Business Tips That Will Keep You Ahead Of The Competition

Business Tips

Business is never fair. Come on; this is not a playground for kids. For every success you record and every mile you achieve, another business is probably sinking or in the wake of failure. To maintain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the competition, these 11 quick but straightforward tips will come in handy.

1. Stay on leads, not sales.

Admittedly, we all want to make high sales and record outstanding profits, but sales are not everything. Instead, the way you maintain a sustainable increase in business growth and revenue should lean more towards the number of clients at your disposal.

2. Focus on providing solutions, not selling products only

Okay, except you have created a name for yourself, customers are not mainly in search of your brand. However, if you focus more on providing solutions, people will find you.

3. Price Optimization

Price optimization not price dropping. The idea is simple; if you position yourself as a value-driven brand, and your price should match up to the quality you provide.

4. Your staff should be customer-friendly

Buyers are likely to buy or return when they take a liking to the sales representative. It is logic. Positivity attracts results.

5. Stay open for much longer.

So, what happens when customers come in their numbers at your stipulated closing hour? Will you send them off? I think not. Opt for closing later than the usual time; just an hour or two more. Of course, this could pose a potential challenge for staff members. A problem that shifts or rosters will fix.

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6. It’s a Digital Age, Be Accessible

One of the most frustrating things a customer could experience is an inability to get in touch with you when they need you the most. Customers prefer calls to emails on a first contact. Be accessible.

7. A little something for nothing

A freebie is one of the ways to warm your way into the customer’s heart. That way, you’re ensuring a return. When people get free coupons, they will spend their money on other items.

Customers who have enjoyed a freebie will most likely tell others about it.

8. Give support to the local community.

Local businesses tend to have more connection with their immediate communities more than big companies with global links. For example, a grocery store, a hair salon and a coursework service can sponsor a school football team and offer discounts to their coach. Ultimately meet a need.

9. Be Social media smart.

Social media is one of the fastest and most effective means of putting your business out there and staying in closer contact with customers. You could start with branding your posts on various platforms.

10. Own it

Ever heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Yes, no one knows it. So it’s better to master a niche, own it and excel in it too.

11. Take on Humility

Enjoy your moments of success as it begins to roll in but avoid being full of it.

Wrapping it all up

In business, you learn new ways to improve every day. These improvements come in small doses, as simple as the ones we have discussed above.

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